Form not sending me emails

I’ve already sent an email to support about this but hopefully if someone had a similar issue you can help. On one page of my website the sign up form is not sending me an email notification. Other forms are working. Any guess why I would have an issue with one and not the others?

Hi @EricPeterson

Looks like you are asking about this form:

Looks like that page is using the standard #form-contact# form snippet, which is the same one used on other pages, so there shouldn’t be anything stopping it from sending an email.

Couple of things to consider to start off this investigation:

  • To confirm, you are getting emails from other forms when you fill them out?
    — If not then I see you are using your own sendgrid logings ( which is great as they have good email stats ) so it’s possible there’s an issue with those logins? You could also check in sendGrid to see what it reports about the email.

  • Then also if the lead is already assigned to an agent - like for example if your test lead was assigned to Joyce, then the notification would go to her.

I’ll fill out a test now and we can go from there. Thanks!

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Hello Aaron,

We had to change the snippet built for to the #form-contact# because the snippet #tax-protest-contact-form# was not sending to anyone at all. There are other forms that are also not going through when submitted.

Here’s a list of sites with snippets that are having trouble getting through:

I’ve run some test on a view other sites but so far, those three are our problem areas. I also noticed that whenever we search for the #form-contact#, it does not appear.

Hi Eric,

Unlike CMS Snippets, Form Snippets are not included in the backend search results.

Looking over the CMS Form Snippets you’re using it looks like you’ve taken code from the default Form Snippets (#form-contact#,#form-seller# etc…)

and re-used it in your own CMS snippets (ex: #tax-protest-contact-form#, #price-analysis# etc…)

This doesn’t work without involving custom work as there’s no code added to the framework to process the submission of the newly added forms when they’re re-purposed from the default forms in your own snippets.

With that being said, any of the default forms can be used on multiple pages and you can see which page a user has submitted any given form from in the lead’s history.

In order to address your form submission issues, I would recommend replacing any custom forms with one of the available default forms.

Doing so should ensure that all forms are submitted without issues.


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In other words, those are not REW CRM forms, so they won’t work.