Google Cloud Platform Issue Today

Hello everyone,

This morning for about 15 minutes Google Cloud Platform (which hosts roughly 10% of all websites on the planet) had a major issue that caused their network to serve occasional 404 errors for many websites across the globe (including major services such as spotify)

REW also uses GCP services to host our client websites, as such some of you may have experienced this issue as well.

First, let me personally apologize for this issue. We at REW understand how critical your websites are to your business, and that any impact to your uptime is stressful. Both REW and Google are very sorry for this interruption.

Actions taken:

We created a priority 1 ticket with Google Enterprise Support.

Immediately upon being alerted, we posted to social as well as requested our PPC / SEO teams pause all paid campaigns to ensure no paid traffic was going to sites that were not up.

Next we were planning on sending an update promising fast resolution, and top priority for this issue between REW and Google, however Google was able to correct the issue before we could send the email.

I’ll be sending an email to all customers referencing this thread, at this time we do not have a post mortem from Google, however it does appear as though all services have been restored and were done so within a few minutes of our contacting Google.

If you are having any other issues with reaching your website - please feel free to post your site here and we will make your ticket a top priority (all uptime tickets are #1 priority for REW support at all times)

I have cell phone numbers for all server techs, and head of product and customer experience @Aayaam and manager of customer experience @shazmin are both tagged here and watching all channels as well.

Once again, we are very sorry for this disruption this morning. Google is a top tier provider and we are confident they have resolved this issue and work to ensure it does not happen again.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

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Thanks for always being proactive!

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