Google Workspace Integration + Campaign Emails

Will Campaigns be updated to pass through the Google Workspace integration outgoing server? Ask because we have signatures pass through from Workspace SMTP over through Exclaimer to apply server-side signatures and it seems that Campaign emails specifically are not passing through the same as sending normal emails via the CRM do. I’m not sure if something is being added to the email headers causing our signature server to be skipped. (Unsure if this is applicable to others thus the forum post vs a support ticket right now)

This is WAY above my pay grade (though I suspect the answer is no) @Aayaam can you find someone much smarter than me to answer this, please?

You are absolutely right, Morgan. @Garrett_Moore I checked with our technical team and can confirm that any automated emails including campaign emails are not sent through Gmail Integration today.
Also, we do not have any plans to route them through Gmail Integration in the near future as there are certain limitations to how Google handles them (they are categorized as marketing emails and Google has strict limits on the number of emails you can send in a day).
Our system currently leverages Sendgrid as a vehicle to send these mass mailers. Hope this helps!

We have our own SendGrid account due to our emails were hitting spam boxes using REWs but that’s a bummer it doesn’t go through Gmail Integration. I’ll have to have my wife get creative and maybe duplicate our signatures inside of REW to attach to campaigns then instead!