Great article: CRM is a Discipline Not a Product

The Director of Agent Experience for REW client, Greg Fischer, of West & Main Homes just wrote this article on CRM, I thought I’d share. There is no silver bullet of perfection in the CRM that will make it easy, fun, and delightful to prospect- it is in fact, a discipline. Thoughts?


On the topic - any top agents or teams out their willing to share their form letters with me? I’m curious about what kind of form you use the most and what words/sentences really help start the conversation.

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Utilizing a CRM IS 100% a discipline!!! A discipline which is worth investing into. We live by our CRM! If you can not measure your efforts, you can not grow. Utilizing a CRM at a high level will increase your business development & growth.

We have found, with the savvy consumer of today… when a CRM is being utilized at its highest and best use - a CRM is NOT to automate the customer… rather, the CRM is to provide (some) automation (and more efficiencies) for the AGENT to provide excellent service for their customers.

@Carly Which type of form letters are you seeking?

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I’m just building out my form letters now. I’m starting from scratch. I’m getting a lot of buyer leads and am looking for form letters to introduce myself and engage with them.