Help me get my Morgan Carey ranking back - I messed up (oops)

Hey all,

Kind of a funny (somewhat embarrassing) SEO faux pas

When our team at Real Estate Webmasters upgraded our site, my page got lost in the transfer and didn’t make it to the new site.

And this is what has happened.

It’s not a super difficult term (it’s my name)

But it gets a decent amount of traffic, and of course (just like you all) I’d like to rank for my name if I can.

I’ve put up a new page (still editing it) but here is the URL - Morgan Carey. CEO Real Estate Webmasters Inc

Can you help me out getting it back in the index?

All I need you to do is link to that page from somewhere (ideally contextually) using the anchor text “Morgan Carey”

Here is the code: <a href="">Morgan Carey</a>

For it to be contextual, you could write a blog post or something about your experience with REW, and then hyperlink that based on a comment about our interactions.

Or if you’d like me to make a quote for one of your articles, you could do quote attribution.

Any / all links will help.

Let me know if you have any questions on how to link to the profile :slight_smile: