Highlighting "Source View"

Hey team,

Earlier this week we released a blog on one our most recent feature additions to REW CRM: Source View.

I won’t repeat everything mentioned in the blog on this post, but in the blog we dive into the functionalities of Source View, and how it can help you with lead management. Source View ultimately can help you categorize your leads by its origin - be it referrals, ad campaigns, or organic searches - turning data into actionable insights.

Source View also enhances your reporting and analytics capabilities. With it’s ‘report cards,’ you can evaluate the effectiveness of different lead sources, understand your marketing performance, and make more informed decisions on where to invest your marketing budget.

For those who want to customize, Source View also allows you to create smart lists, apply filters, and view your data exactly how you want it. Our hopes for this level of customization would be a deeper understanding of what the data means for your business.

Again, like our Lead Motivations, Interests, and Tags post, this feature is only accessible to admin accounts, ensuring data security and proper management.

If you want to read the whole post, here it is: Unveiling ‘Source View’ - REW CRM’s Newest Feature

Looking forward to your thoughts and discussions!