How to enable / disable quick search bar and edit its settings on Renaissance

Looking to enable /disable the quick search bar for a page? Or maybe just adjust the quick search bar options to include rental properties and additional search options?

Well, this is a super simple task:

Start by logging into the backend, select the Content section (top right).

On the left, you’ll see ‘Pages’. Select that to go to a list of your pages.

From the pages list, select the page where you want to adjust the quick search. On that page simply scroll down to where it says “Quick Search”.

From here you can toggle the quick search to ‘On’ or 'Off".
By default, the quick search is disabled, except for the cover/homepage.

If toggled on you will be presented with two more options to toggle ‘On’/’Off’
The More Options toggle will include additional search options based on your IDX defaults.
The Quicksearch Show Rent Option toggle will display an option to switch between buy and rent.

When finished, select the save button.

Repeat these steps for any other pages that you want to edit this feature.

Here is the video guide on How To Enable/Disable The Quick Search Bar And It’s Settings on Renaissance

Hey there! Is there a way to make “residential” the default search option on our site? Right now when you hit “Start Search” is defaults to residential, commercial, farm, etc. You can view the template here:

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I just submitted this request to Support… will let you know how it goes

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Hello Jessica!

There is a way to change the default search option in the backend of your website!

  • Go to Listings in the backend
  • Click on “Searches” on the left side navigation bar
  • Click on “Default Search” (could also say “Main Search”)
  • Find the variable labeled “Property Type”
  • Click on the gear icon

You will then see all the different property types available for selection in your default search.
If you wish to have the search pull all property types, do not have anything selected/checked.
If you wish to have residential as the only default search option, you can do this by ensuring it is the only option selected/checked off on the list. Make sure to hit “Save” in the bottom right corner!

Here is the link to the corresponding support page that also includes screenshots:

We hope this helps!

Warmest Regards,


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Thank you - will try now