Important Twillio Update (texting module changes)

Hello all,

Some of you (those that use the Twillio texting feature) will receive an email from us regarding a new process that is mandatory from Twillio.

In a nutshell what they are now requiring is that we create “campaigns” and verify users and sub-users (you are sub-users)

The process is pretty straight forward, we have created a special form for verification, you go there, fill it out, and we take care of the rest.

A few things to note:

There is a fee for verification (we’ll pay this)

But there is also an ongoing “campaign fee” which is $10 per month, this will be passed through to Twillio users as it is a net new third-party cost. (So texting will now be $10 more per month per number / campaign).

My personal opinion? It’s a big cash grab, to be honest. But really there isn’t a choice. We either “verify” according to them or the carriers will stop accepting texts.

There is hard deadline in August where texting will stop working if not verified so it’s critical you fill out the form ASAP to avoid interuption of service.


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The $10 / campaign is on an account basis (assuming one number) and not on a module basis, right? We only have 1 number and 1 campaign so I just want to confirm pricing will be going up by $10 and not $10 per module. Thanks!

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I think so, yes.