Importing leads into REW CRM from other sources using Zapier and Google sheets

Today I’m doing a webinar on a day in the life of an agent (how to use the REW CRM) and I’m using Zoom.

I realized that I wanted to make sure everything who registers for my Zoom makes it into REW CRM.

And so I thought… I can probably just pop these folks into a Google Sheet and use Zapier.

Let’s test that! (Spoiler alert, it works!)

Super simple really - just go to and choose

Google Sheets (new or updated spreadsheet row)


Real Estate Webmasters (create or update lead)

Like so

Once you’ve done that, you just need to connect the sheets account and choose the sheet you want (you’ll create or upload a new one first so you can select it)

Then for REW CRM, you just need to map the fields.

I recommend creating the headings you want first and mapping them with the same names as REW CRM

Like this… (the first row should be your headings)

One weird one, for some reason “notes” is called “comments” in the Zapier integration but I’m going to have @REW.Michael fix that :slight_smile:

The rest is pretty simple just line them all up (First Name to First Name) (Email to Email) etc

The other fields you can map are below (having a chat with R & D about expanding this list)

I’d definitely like to see “quick notes” “company” “website URL” and a bunch of other fields

Probaby can’t map properties or saved searches this way (that needs to be dynamically linked to IDX)

But other than property-related items, what else would you want to be able to import/ingest from a spreadsheet into REW CRM?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Great feature team!

Question on the “agent” field, does that only allow me to assign one single agent? or can each record have an associated agent that is mapped to the correct agent in REW CRM (by first + last name or something) - I can imagine including who they are assigned to will be an important part of ingestion (not just assigning all imported leads to one agent) - @REW.Michael ?

Another question I have is - what about multiple notes? Do they all get lumped into one note? Or do they come in as distinct entities?