Improving Community Tags

Do tags for communities serve any other purpose besides displaying “highlights or keywords” that we designate them as?

It would be great to see that you could filter by your tags. For example if i’m labeling communities based off beach access or golf course. I could then create a landing page that would show all golf communities or beach communities that i’ve labeled. Such as the photo below.

Is anyone using tags for anything special besides just labeling the obvious for those neighborhoods?

Hey Andrew, these is no concept of “tags” in REW’s basic communities manager. It’s just about putting a label over a photo.

In LEC 2015 (back in 2015) we did have a lifestyle type search engine which is what I think you’re getting at. It’s a far more robust piece of software, and honestly not many folks used it.

You may be able to pull this off using snippets, but I think to truly accomplish what you’re looking for, you’d need to have an application developed for it.

This was something I was looking for.

I’m trying to make a CITY Waterfront Page and then build out neighborhood pages for each waterfront neighborhood in the city. Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to put some sort of table on the main city waterfront page that shows links labeled “CITY WATERFRONT” so as we build out neighborhood pages they dynamically can be added to that main page?

If there is no “tag” or “label” feature, what is the best way to build out an always growing list like this? Going to the main page and manually adding neighborhoods as you create pages for them? That sounds incredibly tedious, I must be missing something

You would create a snippet and then update that snippet (that way you can link to it from lots of places, but only have to update it in one)

Example (something I’ve created on