Integrated Gmail

Hi- what is the latest status update on the Gmail integration? I am taking my new site live tomorrow, and have postponed doing many customizations until this is rolled out.

Congrats on being the first user of REW Gmail integration. Appreciate your feedback on this Gloria :slight_smile:

So far so good!

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Hi Morgan - I’d love to test this out as well. I’m paying a ton of extra money every month for Follow Up Boss mainly for this feature so I’d love to save that money and put it towards PPC instead!

What’s your site? I think everyone with (Vision + ADA which was Sept 2020) already has it installed, but not sure what version you are on.

My site is Let me know. Thanks and Happy New Year!


Ah, IC! Looks like it’s a bit of an older Vision install and is super custom. Might need to have your retainer team (if you are on retainer) patch it, or if not on retainer you’d need to speak to your AM about a project.

On a side note: This is possibly the nicest implementation of a vision Framework I have seen. Great job!

How do we get the gmail integration set up?

Are there instructions for setting up the Gmail integration anywhere?

@Aayaam what is the process for Gmail?

Hi @BillyJoeSmiley We can help you set it up. There are two key prerequisites to setting up Gmail Integration -

  1. You need to be on the latest version of CRM (v4.3.0 - Sep 2020 onwards)
  2. You need to have a GSuite/Google Workplace account (personal Gmail account will not work with this integration due to security and API limitations)
    As I can see with your site, it appears to be on a later CRM version so that’s good. Can you confirm if you have a Gsuite account? Once you confirm, @REW.Michael & @rew_matthewt will get on a call with you to help you set it up. Thanks!

Hello @livrealestate! I just checked the URL on your profile - and looks like it is on an older version of CRM and the site also looks fairly custom. As Morgan earlier suggested in this thread, we might need to have your retainer team patch it. Once upgraded, we will need your Gsuite account information to set it up for you in no time!

I have a new site about to launch, I’m looking for instructions for actually setting up my agents with the gmail integration.

@livrealestate REW would need to whitelist your domain first which is a one-time quick step. As soon as your new site is launched and the Gsuite admin account is authorized (REW will help set it up), we will share the link of easy to follow “how to do” video that you can pass along to your team. The video is in the works right now and will be ready by next week. @REW.Michael @rew_matthewt for your visibility

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We would like this too. Should I just email support?

I would wait for the walkthrough video Aayaam mentioned above

Thank you. GSuite/workspace account created

Does the gmail integration also synch the REW calendar with the Gmail calendar or is it just email synch?

For those who are interested in the Gmail integration features and meet the prerequisites that @Aayaam noted above, you can reach out and send an email to

These requests will go to @rew_matthewt and I will to enable the integration, walk through the setup and help with any questions or troubleshooting.

There is an initial setup necessary to add the REW CRM as a trusted application within your G Suite workspace. Here is a short video on the initial setup - this must be done once by the CRM/G-Suite administrator:

Once initial setup is complete each Agent is able to easily connect their account under Preferences in the CRM to begin syncing Gmail messages.


Hello @livrealestate, For now, it’s email sync. That said, calendar sync is a great suggestion. I will add it to our list for next internal R&D discussion. Thanks!

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