Inventing a new FAQ Module for your real estate website

FAQ’s have been quite a popular topic on the forums lately (and for good reason)

They really help with SEO, and also are very helpful to consumers.

Recently we’ve just designed and implemented a new version of FAQ with expanding and collapsing on and we’ll be rolling that out soon (likely next release) to Renaissance.

Being the SEO / product nerd that I am… I wanted to do more with it!

So @hatzopoulos and I have gotten together to start prototyping a new FAQ’s module with the goal of making FAQ’s easier to implement and far more useful.

Let me explain:

The idea is to get the FAQ’s into a database. That way, we can do things like program searches against them, create snippets with them, dynamically tag and link them, organize them by category, produce JSON for schema implementation and generate XML sitemaps.

Here’s a screenshot so far:

What do you think? Good idea? Want it for Renaissance?

Other than what we have here? What else might we want?

@AmyPye had an idea for images to the left. For me, that’s too heavy, but I think some people might like it. So could possibly consider adding an image spot for each?

What else might you use this for? What other fields/elements would you want to be able to add per frequently asked question?

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This is a great idea. I do think having a spot for images will be helpful though.

I’ve seen community pages with a ton of content but the page gets too long. It takes a long time to scroll to get to the listings. If you could create an FAQ snippet, you could build out a community FAQ for an area you are focused on.

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FAQ on steroids, love it! This will be great for agents to make their own too. They don’t know HTML/CSS and their time is better spent selling. A few thoughts:

An FAQ is going on all our community pages for sure.

The module could have the option for us to title it. In other words, FAQ is not a hard coded title. We would use this in several places as more of list than an FAQ. For example spring cleaning, or prep your home for sale lists.

The sample from @AmyPye with icons looked good. Optional of course! I see it particularly useful when it’s used more for a list. It’s a subtle way of grouping your items. For example on the prep home for sale list, I might use broom icon for cleaning items, a hammer for repair items, etc.

Make it available on the upcoming intranet. For the intranet, we don’t really need all the tags, etc, just having the ability for accordions on the intranet is good enough.



Perhaps it’s not the questions that have icons but the headings for the questions. IE:

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One small UI note is having a word counter. I think the best length for FAQ answers is around 60 words or less because this hits the ideal length for appearing in People Also Ask and other rich results.

Long shot idea: Have a field for entering target keywords. Then you have a system that runs searches based on a few variations of those keywords, then pulls all the People Also Ask questions that appear and offers them as suggestions for FAQ questions.


It’s not hard-coded (you decide what title goes in there (if any) and decide on h2, h3 whatever.

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This is a DAmN GOOD idea! (Though it won’t make this release) - @Rebecca we need FAQ markup for intranet users.


Great idea Victor and Morgan, will add this to the list :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Can’t wait to drop Sharepoint and all it’s headaches

Regarding the icon idea, SVG icons could be used to make it fast since it doesn’t add a request or additional file.

<svg xmlns="" width="45" height="45" fill="currentColor" class="bi bi-life-preserver" viewBox="0 0 16 16">
  <path d="M8 16A8 8 0 1 0 8 0a8 8 0 0 0 0 16zm6.43-5.228a7.025 7.025 0 0 1-3.658 3.658l-1.115-2.788a4.015 4.015 0 0 0 1.985-1.985l2.788 1.115zM5.228 14.43a7.025 7.025 0 0 1-3.658-3.658l2.788-1.115a4.015 4.015 0 0 0 1.985 1.985L5.228 14.43zm9.202-9.202-2.788 1.115a4.015 4.015 0 0 0-1.985-1.985l1.115-2.788a7.025 7.025 0 0 1 3.658 3.658zm-8.087-.87a4.015 4.015 0 0 0-1.985 1.985L1.57 5.228A7.025 7.025 0 0 1 5.228 1.57l1.115 2.788zM8 11a3 3 0 1 1 0-6 3 3 0 0 1 0 6z"/>

Nice one!

@Morgan I was talking with @dfwbroker, and he’s been eager to get started on some FAQ setup with his site. Is this still something scheduled for release in the near future?


thanks @JayPhee, also appreciate update on schema project today… now have more questions on G-reindexing/crawling.

Yes, not sure which release (for front-end FAQ markup) @Rebecca any insights into which release?

Hi Morgan and Jay, the front-end FAQ work is being worked on as we speak, and is scheduled for our next release which will be end of June early July.


@Rebecca great news… thanks for update!

You mean “next next” release :slight_smile: - there is one in a few days, yes?

has FAQ update been released? Would like to start updating pages with FAQ already included first such as Sell Dallas Fort Worth, TX Homes & Condos | Free Home Evaluation by DFW Urban Realty

Hi Kenneth, yes the new FAQ styles were released in our July update. I would recommend reaching out to your account manager so they can help direct you to the new FAQ styles.

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Great… thanks Rebecca!

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