Lead Routing System

Our team is has tried many methods of lead routing to our agents in the past. What do most of you who have small teams find the best method to distribute leads to team members. We like being able to give a lead to all of our agents and then each of them can try to contact them on their days on call. In other words the lead does not get owned by one agent or the other until they accept the lead once contact is made. I just wanted to know if someone else has done it that way and how was their success.

The REW CRM is terrific when it comes to lead routing. You can add agents to the auto-rotation. It will send the lead to the agent and if they are not working and don’t accept the lead after a certain time period, it now sends it to the next agent on the rotation.

As it is important to get to the lead quickly, the system will keep rotating the lead until someone accepts it. This automation works for both large or small teams.

If you ever need help on how to add your agents to the lead rotation, support@rew.com is a great resource to show you how to easily complete.

I don’t love the idea of having multiple people following up on one lead - while it might give you a lot of “at-bats” from a consumer perspective, it means they are being harassed by a bunch of people and could damage your brand.

What we do at REW is a bit different (doesn’t work at all real estate brokerages, as it requires trust that not all agents have for each other) - we make AE’s / AM’s “admins” so that everyone can see each other leads (though they are “assigned” to a specific person).

Doing it this way allows them to see leads that are active but have “not” be followed up on in x days, weeks (whatever the policy is at your firm) and so anyone can take any lead and work it IF someone else has not been recently following up on that lead.

What you can’t do (and should not do) is follow up on or take a lead that someone is actively working. That would be considered poaching. < It would also create the same scenario I warned about above where the consumer might get upset at multiple outreaches from multiple people.

I honestly think this works well.

@Pozek has a pretty cool “pool” idea as well, where agents get “x” leads (I think it’s 100) and they have to be actively working them. Other than active leads, they can take as many “out of the pool” as long as they commit to working them. I think (Ken would be better at explaining than I would) that his admins take any leads away from the agents if they are not actively working them.

I think it comes down to this - “assignment” is not what is important “action” is. And so if leads aren’t being acted on, they need to be available for someone willing to put in the work,.

Agents think they should “own” leads, which I completely disagree with (unless they are manually entered contacts) because no agent has the right to sit on a lead and not work it. They are doing a disservice to themselves, to the brand and to the consumer.

The cool thing about REW’s query engine + smart lists is it allows you create “last active” filters as well as “last touch” which is a critical measure of engagement with your agents.

I really appreciate the input. Morgan, when a new lead comes in how does the agents get notified there is a new lead to be called on? Does it have the complete info that goes to them or do they have to go into the CRM to see that information? Our goal was to make each lead visible, but only the person on call would try and actually call or text them. I agree that if each agent is doing this then the public is most likely going to get turned off quickly. If they are registering on the site then those who do have that option of not being called and we honor their request. I really appreciate the input that I have received on this topic.

If you’re doing lead assignment then yes, the agent gets email notification. It shares critical details but you need to click through to CRM for access to additional information like what historical searches they have etc.

We recommend agents are logged in via their phone and add the CRM to their home screens on their phones.

Hi Larry, thank you for your question here in the forum! It’s a great place to get some really good ideas, and advice. We can touch base again on this and see if you have found a solution. Thanks!