Lender emails from within the CRM

Are we able to send emails to a lead that come from an assigned lender?

Hello @AdamStuhlfaut! Thank you for your question.

Yes, there is a way to send emails to a lead that come from an assigned lender!

I noticed most of your autoresponders are off in your CRM.

If you go to the CRM:

  • Click on My Setup in the bottom left corner, it will bring up an array of options.

  • Click on Responders.

  • You can activate an auto-responder when a lead fills out a form on your site (such as the #form-approve#, or #form-buyers# and make sure these form snippets are on landing pages on your site for leads to fill out). You can customize the Sender Information in the responder details. I have attached a screenshot of what that looks like in the CRM and the fields you can customize.

I have emailed you a copy as well should you have any questions.

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Implementation Specialist

your problem was solved or not?

No, but I wasn’t specific enough on my question. So, that is my bad. It was really if I could send emails from within Campaigns from lenders. I took a look today and noticed that when setting up a Campaign email, one can choose “custom” and then add in someone, not the admin and not the agent. That might be the solution. My only question is whether the email is set up with {signature} if that tag will work and whose signature it would pull. I suppose the solution would be to set up a template that includes the lender signature and not use that tag. We just opened a Motto Mortgage office, so I’m trying to navigate how and when to use this CRM to drip campaigns vs. using the Motto Mortgage in-house CRM.

I recommend creating a Form Template for the Lender Drip Campaign. Remove the {signature} tag and replace it with the lender signature, as you already stated. Then when creating the Lender Drip Campaign, use that specific form template for the lender and use the Custom Sender Field to fill out the name of the Lender and the Lender email.

Please let us know if you require further clarification or if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:

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