Leveraging the Adoption Engine To Teach Your Agents Accountability

Have you incorporated the adoption engine into your agent training?

What is the adoption engine? It’s the wheel on the right-hand side with all the helpful suggestions on what to do next :slight_smile:

It’s inspired by trivial pursuit, you go around the board, and when you get the right answer (or in this case the agent or the lead does what we want them to) they are rewarded with a colored piece of the pie.

Once you have all the colors filled in (like the screen here below) you know you’re on your way to great lead follow-up.

The goal should be to have agents do their part in the adoption engine within max 1 hour of receiving a lead.

And the steps are EASY!

#1 - Log a call (Do it!)
#2: Review what listings the lead has looked at then show them you know the market by recommending a listing (right from the system)
#3: Send them a personalized email (or at the very least, select a pre-written email that is appropriate for the lead once you have reviewed it)
#4: Assign them to the appropriate action plan.

That’s it!

The rest of the wheel is what the lead will do if your agent does a good job. (We want them inquiring on properties, saving searches, subscribing and favoriting)

Leveraging the adoption engine in your training is an excellent way to help your agents understand in an easy/visual way, what it takes to follow up with leads.

Once they get in the habit of filling out that wheel inside of an hour, they are guaranteed to increase their conversion from web leads.