List of Renaissance snippets

Can someone post a list of the Renaissance snippets? This is my third version of REW site and I have snippets in the list from the previous two versions. It would be nice to know what snippets are from which version - or at least to know which ones are new.


Would love that as well - happy to share whatever I have

I have the exact same problem. I’m on my 4th version and have so many that it takes me long time to locate the right Snippets. It will be nice to highlight the one in use.

I ended up printing out the 24 pages of snippets (214 total) and reviewing them one by one to see which ones were still relevant, part of framework or showed that they were being used on a page. Not all of my snippets that are in use show that they are being used, so be careful of that. I haven’t deleted any yet, but at least now I have a highlighted list of the ones that I know I use and crossed off the ones that I know I don’t use.

Not an elegant solution, but it does help.

Yes please

Andre, you should actually be able to do this - if you look on the page (top right) it does already show the snippets in use on that page.

As for default Renaissance snippets, here you go :slight_smile:


What do you mean by this? When looking at the snippets page (/snippets/edit/) it isn’t showing a link to the page that it’s being used on below the snippet markup? Even though it is in fact used on a live page?

That is correct. With a quick review I found a snippet being used on my homepage that on the snippet’s page says “This snippet is currently not being used on any pages.”

That’s really interesting. Does it show up in the snippets used on the homepage (cms/homepage/) page?

It does not. My site has two languages, so I believe the snippets being used on the Spanish side of the site are what is not showing up.

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