Listings have disappeared

All of my Teams listings have disappeared off of our Vision website. All other functions seem to be working. Can someone have a look at this. I emailed support as well.

Hi @Rory

I see you have this page:

Is that the page the listings are missing from? If so, I took a look and the snippet on the page is using where Agent = “Rory Clark” - however, in the IDX data the Agent Name is “Clark,Rory”

So it’s not finding any listings due to that. Now, the problem is going to be that we use a Comma so you can add more than one agent there - but since their is a comma in your name it thinks it’s looking for 2 agents, so the solution was to switch it to use your agentID. I’ve done that and listings are showing.

But, that’s a “Team Listings” page - so what I’d suggest - is switch that to show listings based on your office ID. So you can add the “OfficeID” Panel add in your office ID, ( PM me if you need it ) and then that page could show listings for your whole office.

I’d also like to suggest you add the Agent ID to your profiles, so you can showcase your listings on the agent profile page as well:
Currently you have “5748” in there for your profile as the agent ID, but in the IDX data it’s “CLARKRO”

I see there was a conversion for your IDX feed recently, so this was likely the reason these ID’s have changed. Do you have access in your MLS to see what these new ID’s are?


Yes that is our site. We’ve been running it for almost 3 yrs and this just happened

Was the conversion done yesterday? Because thats when things disappeared.

I’m not interested in showcasing all my offices listings. This is our team website and those are the listings we want showcased on the 1st page. Why has it spontaneously changed when we have touched nothing? I would like all my teams listings showcased as they were before.

Hi Rory,

I am asking the feeds team about the conversion date and I’ll let you know what I find.

On your home page - are those the listings you want to show now? I can go and update the agents ID’s as well if that’s ok.


Yes, those are my listings. I would like all my team members listings there as well. As they were a couple days ago.

Hi Aaron,

Just following up to see if there has been any progress in getting our listings back up?


Hi Rory,

Rob from support is reaching out to you via the support ticket and we’ll take it from there.


Ok great. Thanks for looking into it.