Making a strong first impression

We recently published a blog post about how your website can make a strong first impression.

Just as a well-maintained home’s curb appeal can instantly captivate potential buyers and set the stage for a successful sale, your website’s homepage plays a similar pivotal role in attracting and engaging prospective clients. Particularly the hero (top of the website which usually includes the navigation and an oversized banner image).

SO I thought I’d share what I consider some stand out heroes which can hoepfully provide you with some inspo for your own site.

Have questions about how you could make yours better? Post below.:point_down: Always happy to make suggestions!

Smith & Associates

Northrop Realty

West + Main Homes

Liv Real Estate


Really appreciate the post and the examples even more. Thanks.

Larry Tollen

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Lets go!

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Love these examples! Thank you for sharing. I love the orange search button, might have to implement that.

Feel free to roast my homepage… always looking for improvement suggestions:


Hi Amy! Those examples are stunning – they showcase impactful designs and navigation. I would also like to highlight The Salamone Group’s hero below, definitely worth checking out!

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Super sharp @Mheanne! You might want to check your Google Maps API Key:

Screen Shot 2023-10-26 at 2.19.13 PM

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Appreciate you pointing that out, @adamchahl! We’re on it.

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Love what you have going on with the colour vs black and white! Super sharp! I’d consider making your logo a bit larger. It’s hard to read - especially the script. And then visually (this is just my two cents), I think that line above your quick search would look way better shorter. Even edited down to something like:

1100+ families served (& counting) in the Calgary area

But my big takeway…awesome colour scheme.

Boom, roasted! (The Office fan?)

But seriously… FANTASTIC photo so you are already winning. The fact that it has a lot going on but doesn’t intrude on the quick search or the navigation is awesome. Great branding too! I’d love to see that headshot without it cropped quite so much. being cut off on the sides and the top (especially) gives it kind of a boxy feeling.

And this is a matter of personal preference, but I’d also love to see that paragraph next to your head shot left justified instead of centred. It would be more consistent with the rest of your site and just easier to read overall.

Keep it going Adam!

You are more than welcome @larry.tollen! I’d like to open more conversations like this so let me know if there is anything particular that you’d like to see!

Good one @Mheanne. They also have a case study that can be seen here.