Mls spacing on our website

does anyone know how to fix the spacing for the MLS listings since we had rew team update us to https with our new SSL and 3 hours of downtime this has happened ill share an image at the end
but does anyone know how to space it out properly and get the images matching in size

Hi Chris,

Could you post a a link to the site you are working on? Thanks!

yes it shows on the following page

Hi Chris,

Thanks. I’m not seeing anything that jumps out at me to indicate what is causing that - however - the site you are working on is extremely custom so it’ll likely be best to have Mike’s development / retainer team investigate. I’m not sure if you are involved in that project as I don’t see your name on the project, so might have to notify Mike to send to his retainer team to investiage / advise. Thanks!

you wouldn’t yet see my name yet atleast im a relatively new hire of mikes ill get him to get in touch, REW is a very custom CMS keeps throwing new curve balls at me

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