Multiple addresses?

What are you doing for clients with multiple properties to put all addresses into their contact records?
Custom field?

Greetings Tyler,

Thank you for reaching out to REW.

REW platform has a lot of different capability. I want to ensure that I can provide you with a most relevant information. Do you mean all the properties owned by Client (A) will show up under his/her profile?

That’s correct. We have many clients who have multiple properties that we need to know about. For now have added in custom fields called Propert 2, 3, 4, etc. just wondering if any other ways to attach to their profile.

You could add a note to the client’s profile at the backend of the website with links. So that way, when you visit client’s profile. It will list all of the properties in there.

I hope this help clear some of your concerns.

I think you mean customers who have multiple addresses (not multiple listed properties) is that right?

At this time, REW CRM only has 1 “physical address” record per contact. So yes, your solution of custom fields is probably the best option.

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Hi Tyler,

I find this video is very helpful for creating a custom field in this case. Real Estate Webmasters CRM: Managing Leads, Adoption Engine, Listing Activities and Custom Fields - YouTube

Please let me know if this helps!