NeRF: Is this the future of Google Maps?

Along with Google’s other exciting recent announcements, they also gave some details about feature upgrades for Google Maps.

Perhaps most exciting - especially for real estate - was the advent of “Immersive View”. This feature uses an AI technique called “neural radiance fields” (NeRF for short) to accurately construct 3D renderings of objects and spaces from a set of flat/2D images.

Google claimed that this feature has already been rolled out in select cities (LA, New York, Tokyo etc.) but after a brief look I couldn’t see a way to use or access it. Maybe someone else can find it?

Google Maps is already widely used at all levels of the real estate industry, so what potential impacts could this new feature have? Could a few interior shots of a property be turned into an immersive 3D experience?

With Immersive View, a few interior shots of a property could be turned into an immersive 3D experience, providing potential buyers with a highly realistic and detailed representation of the space. This could help buyers to more accurately visualize the space and make more informed decisions about whether to pursue the property.

In addition, Immersive View could also be used to provide virtual tours of entire neighborhoods or cities, allowing users to explore and navigate through the area as if they were there in person. This could be particularly useful for people who are relocating to a new area or are unfamiliar with a particular neighborhood.

Overall, the potential impacts of Immersive View on the real estate industry are significant. By providing highly realistic and immersive 3D renderings of properties and neighborhoods, this feature could help buyers to make more informed decisions and could provide real estate professionals with a powerful tool for showcasing their properties.

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