New Agent Accountability In CRM - Today is the day!

Yesterday the team started rolling out the new beta of the agent accountability mode in REW CRM.

Many of you (on Renaissance) should already have it.

It looks like this:

This upgrade is a MASSIVE enhancement to the REW platform (perhaps the most significant in several years) and it is focused on a critical element of the real estate business…

Agent Accountability!

Some of the things you can do with this new feature:

Monitor agent adoption: How many logins in the last week, month, year?

Create a sortable calling report (how many calls, call %, averages etc)

Closing rate report (how many deals has each agent closed, their close rate etc)

Call / Text / Email report: (see what the agents are actually doing with all forms out outreach

The list goes on and on (and this is just the beginning!)

Our next few releases will be focused on enhancing deal management and reporting to give us even more powerful data on deals in the pipeline, closed deals, total volume, commissions earned (for the agent and for the brokerage) and so much more!

The goal here is to make REW CRM even more of an indispensable tool that allows you to truly measure the results in your business, hold your agents accountable and drive adoption / per-agent performance.

If you have questions about this new feature, please post them below!

Don’t have this feature? (There are 2 reasons why)

#1: You are not on Renaissance. You need to upgrade ASAP! (reach out to your AM, they will help you)

#2: You are on Renaissance but you have a lot of custom code (needs a custom project) again reach out to your AM, they can likely pay for some (if not all) of your upgrade for free using early renewal credits.

I can’t emphasize enough how important this upgrade is for measuring the productivity of your agents.

I’m so excited to see this new application go live, and I can’t wait to see our customers benefit from it in 2023.


We have lots of ideas (and features) coming but I also wanted to kick-start the conversation here on the forums of other ideas.

Since accountability is the name of the game here (and we want our agents doing the things they need to do) how about we start with the idea of “pause their leads until they catch up

It’s really simple:

Of leads that have a phone number (not empty of flagged as invalid) if the total call rate % falls below x (make it a type in value) then pause leads until they make their calls. You want leads to start up again? Then make the calls!

You can do the same for personalized emails or texts since we have tracking for both in the new module as well :slight_smile:

Heck, you could even do if conversion % falls below x, no more leads until you get it back up.


What ideas do you have for the next set of improvements for your CRM?

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Another idea - “lead value” - in the settings somewhere allow customers (super admin only) to assign a value to leads. That way you can put in the views “lead value” and show for example - if you got 10 leads in the last 7 days and you spend $20 per lead, lead value = $200

Why is this valuable? It shows agents, leaders or brokers the amount estimated spent on the leads generated. So you can quickly glean an ROI or show agents (who aren’t calling their leads) how much $ was wasted (or show yourself) how much money was wasted from non performance.

The other thing is - if the leads show no activity for an agent, but that agent is on holidays - then there is a process break (admin should have taken them out of rotation) lots of other user cases here.