New Communications Section Video REW CRM

@lisamoore has put together a quick video on the new communications section in #REWCRM

Please check out the video below and let us know if you have any comments or questions:


Great feature. Will there be reminders sent to the agent for these events?

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I’m pretty sure the events show up in the reminders sidebar of the CRM which they should be checking regularly. We don’t email / text reminder them as leads can build up extremely quickly (in the hundreds) and then each lead can have many tasks (taking it to thousand of reminders) if they don’t keep up with it. So we provide them easy ways to find them and action them, but we don’t fill up their communication channels with reminders also (at least that is the way I understand it) @lisamoore?

Hi Constance, there are no alert reminder capabilities at this time. The reminders sidebar shows upcoming Action Plans but not events. It’s a really great suggestion and I’ve added it to our list to review with the team. We’ll keep you posted and thank you for your feedback! Lisa


@lisamoore where do they see their reminders, is it added to their Calendar?

Hi Morgan, that is correct. Event reminders can currently be found in their Calendar located on the left hand navigation bar. I’ve noted that this should be added to the demo as well.

When will we be seeing this? in our vision CRM

Hi Tyler, this upgrade is rolling out throughout the month of October. If you have any custom work in your backend, please speak to your Account Manager and feel free to reach out to me again here with any other questions!