New feature: Conditional registration parameters

Another exciting feature for the upcoming February release is conditional registration parameters.

The idea is this: Often customers will have forced registration turned on, but want to send a link (for example to a client) and don’t want to trigger registration.

Or alternatively, customers may want to have forced registration turned off for all organic and direct customers but then use forced registration for PPC (recommended)

Now, this is possible with the latest patch coming out for Renaissance.

If registration is turned on, you can put ?noreg on any URL to turn it off.
If registration is turned on, you can put ?reg on any URL to enable it.

Pretty cool right? :slight_smile:


this is excellent!

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Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Can you please give an example of what the url would look like to force registration?

@REW.Michael is this implemented? Can you tell us how it works please?

Absolutely @Morgan! As you’ve mentioned above, this latest change uses query string parameters (reg and noreg) to choose the desired behavior of forced registration in shared links (regardless of settings).

The settings for requiring registration can be found on your REW website by going to Settings > IDX:


This newly introduced feature works by changing the URL to your website. If my website was setup with forced registration turned on, however I didn’t want that to be the case for a particular set of visitors - the “noreg” parameter can be used to override that for the visited URL.

Here is an example, that will disable the “Create an Account” modal which would have otherwise been required:

If the site in the example above had the registration off, the ?reg parameter can be added to enable it. Enabling will require visitors to that particular URL link to create an account to view a listing’s full details:

Hope this helps explain the functionality. If you have any more questions I’d be glad to provide more information.



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