New Real Estate CRM Coming Out Of Beta!

Hello everyone, I have some exciting news!

The new real estate CRM is coming out of Beta on Oct 12th!

This upgrade is completely free and available to qualifying Renaissance platform users. (There are some exceptions I’ll address below)

Starting Oct 12, 2022, we will begin upgrading your CRM for those that qualify.

This process may take a week or two to reach all qualifying customers.

A few Q & A upfront.

What does it cost? Nothing :slight_smile:

Will your leads/campaigns/action plans etc be affected? Not at all!

Do you have to do anything? Nope! We’re just going to take care of this upgrade for you.

How can I learn about the new CRM? Come here to the forums. We need to educate 1 to many, and so this is the best place to come. We’ll be doing posts, video snippets, and even booking webinars to help educate you on the new features and benefits of this epic CRM upgrade.

So be sure to subscribe to updates on the forums!

How do I know if I don’t qualify?

First: You must be a user of the Renaissance platform in order to receive this upgrade.

Second: You must not have significantly customized the platform otherwise the automatic upgrade scripts will not work and will disqualify you. (we don’t want to break your custom work).

What if I don’t qualify and still want the CRM?

No problem!

The reason we don’t automatically update you is that we don’t want to break your custom work, however, “typically” it is only a few hours of engineering time (which is billable) to have programmers handle your upgrade manually to ensure all conflicts are resolved with your custom code, and all thing is working as expected.

And for those wanting to avoid a bill for custom time? Don’t forget we do have our early renewal program running which will give you completely free custom work and cover the cost of upgrading in most cases.

What if I’m not on Renaissance yet?

It’s time to upgrade! Renaissance is the most advanced real estate platform we have ever built and there are significant advantages in SEO, page speed, ADA compliance, conversion and technology. Why would you not upgrade?

If it’s the time it takes to move, or the cost to upgrade - we’ll be running a forth quarter promotion to help you with that too!

More importantly, though, the opportunity cost of being on an older platform that no longer performs at today’s standard and does not benefit from the latest technology is a serious issue. So let’s get you upgraded.


Super excited for this!

We’re loving it so far (I’ve had it for like 6 months) so much more powerful UI and automation on form submissions. (Forms to action plans automation and forms to groups + campaigns)

Woo hoo! I was wondering about this - can’t wait!

Also for certain brokerages, we will also be installing an alpha of the new agent view which is a similar UI to the CRM for leads, but focuses on Agents as the center of the universe (adoption, usage statistics all that fun stuff :slight_smile:

@staciestaub @gregofisch @TylerMarrin @sjyun

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Looks like I was switched over and OOPS! Looks like a mass email (that I did not have scheduled and I think has already gone out at some point - might be an old autoresponder from my prior site), went out to my leads. I only use {first_name} as a tag and all of these had both first and last. It even went out to leads I didn’t assign or accept, like Poop Butthole (using both first and last names). Also, these emails went out to people I have converted and took off of any email campaigns. I hope this doesn’t keep happening.

Hello Judy, thank you for your report (and apologies if an email went out that was unintended)

We will have our tech teams look into this right away. Is it ok if they reach out to you for more info?

@Aayaam @shazmin please meet on this first thing this AM.

Incidentally, I looked at the user in question, and I do not believe they were sent an email today, the only one I see was from Sunday, Oct 2nd, and it was an autoresponder.

Do you have a different example we could look into? (Perhaps with a more entertaining name?) :slight_smile:

Also using the filters, I don’t see any emails sent by the system in the last 2 days.

That was the best one! I didn’t accept that one so I was surprised something was sent out. These were all sent to my email this afternoon as being sent out, just like I receive saved search results, registrations, and inquiries. But when I went to check in the CRM, I didn’t see that anything was actually sent, so not sure why I received all of these today.

I didn’t mention that I’m once again loving the CRM where I can customize the main view to my liking. Thanks! Now to learn the rest.

Attached is

Hmmmm I just checked for that subject in your action plans and in your campaigns, I do not see it anywhere. Off to check and see if I can find it somewhere else. Running out of places to look.

Checked all of your auto responders as well… there is no place I can find “Never miss a hot deal” on your site. Do you know where that is?

I have one more theory (and I think I am right)

We adjusted the “auto saved search” generator criteria so that more of your leads will automatically get saved searches.

I noticed you have this feature turned on so I would be dollars to doughnuts that this is what is going on. (and I don’t know where the message is for that in the system, so I can’t confirm but the team will be along shortly to let me know if I’m right)

Here’s what we changed:

That feature is designed to search the system every day, and anyone who meets certain criteria gets a saved search generated for them.

These “were the criteria before”

Prior to this release if a user had “viewed 20 properties”, “was not unsubscribed”, and had not already saved a search, our system would autogenerate a saved search for them (just one)

This is a feature to ensure people get saved searches (a very important feature) even if they didn’t know they could save one.

After that it doesn’t do it again (it’s a one time thing) <<< and a good thing.

Upon review, we changed this setting to " “viewed 3+ properties”, “was not unsubscribed”, and had not already saved a search, our system would autogenerate a saved search for them (just one)

So I think this is what happened - a one time script would have run and now since it’s 3+ properties (a much more reasonable number) instead of 20, now far more leads would get a saved search created for them.

@Aayaam / Richard did I guess right? (If this is correct, we should contact anyone who has this feature turned on and let them know this one-time cleanup script will run, that it’s natural and intended.

@judyorr this is actually a good thing (though I get that all those auto-replies startled you), none of those leads were previously getting saved searches, and now they will start. To the consumer, this “one time” email from you should be seen as a new feature and hopefully appreciated, but they can of course always unsubscribe from searches or change the results / frequency if they wish

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Hi @Morgan @judyorr, I can confirm that is exactly how the feature works. The system autogenerates a saved search for the leads that have “viewed 3+ properties”, “have not unsubscribed” and do not have an existing saved search. As a result, the system is putting you back in touch with those leads through saved searches.
With more leads getting subscribed, there may also be increase in leads unsubscribing from searches or changes in the frequency by them as Morgan mentioned.
In hindsight, we could have definitely done a better job of sharing more context around this feature with our customers who have this setting already turned on. We will do it ASAP.
@judyorr Thank you for bringing this to our attention and help us be better! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Morgan and @Aayaam, that helps me to understand and I like the new 3+ properties viewed vs. 20.

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Makes sense right? 20 was just too many (and we’ve been so low on inventory (though that is starting to change) but in some places, there weren’t even 20 properties to view.

Definitely an upgrade, but we should have known to give you a heads up so you weren’t surprised to auto responders and unsubscribed - we’ve made notes for next time.

Thanks Judy!

I just noticed something else when I got hit with another slew of emails (I have to stop these notifications - thought I did but I need to figure out how to do that because they showed up again today).

I can’t find where to edit these emails yet but the heading Subject Line is " Your search Auto Generated Search has some new listings!" And the body starts out with " There are 1 new properties for the Auto Generated Search search. The word search shouldn’t be repeated like that.

I can fix it myself if I knew where to go - can you let me know?


Should be right here :slight_smile: /backend/settings/idx/savedsearches/?feed=armls

As for stopping notifications, a couple of things:

#1: If they are autoresponders etc, that will always happen (and should) if you’re running campaigns or blasts. The best way to get those out of your inbox is to create a rule in your email client (such as Gmail) to look for that specific title and automatically move it to trash.

#2: If you have set yourself to be CC’d on all saved searches, don’t do that (it will drive you crazy) :slight_smile: You can turn that off in the preferences section.

YUP! That was it :slight_smile:

You had yourself BCC’d on like everything from the system… I turned it off for you.

I went there and removed the extra search but the preview showed no “search” word at all. I think the Automated Search is worded differently than a saved search created by a lead.

Here are two examples:
An auto search email -
Subject line: Oct 14 - Your search Auto Generated Search has some new listings!
Body: There are 1 new properties for the Auto Generated Search search you saved on

Saved search created by a lead:
Subject line: Oct 14 - Your search Homes for sale in Scottsdale has some new listings!
Body: There are 32 new properties for the Homes for sale in Scottsdale search you saved on

So it’s obviously the words put into the {search_title} for an automated search. I don’t see where we have access to what those titles are for different types of searches such as automated vs saved.