New Real Estate CRM Coming Out Of Beta!

Those are the same thing - it’s “dynamic insertion” so it takes whatever the title is and puts it in there. It just so happens the “auto-generated search” is called “Auto Generated Search” (@Aayaam perhaps something we could look at changing) but the 2 saved searches you posted are identical in their function, and you edit that at /backend/settings/idx/savedsearches/?feed=armls

Now, you could solve it by removing the dynamic part (which would remove it for both user saved searches and auto-generated.

So just change “{date} - Your search {search_title} has some new listings!” to something like "{date} - Your search has some new listings! (solved)

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I like when it reminds them of what the search actually is, especially in the subject line. I wish there was a separate email for the auto-generated searches or it could be renamed to Auto Generated as the title.

I definitely think we could rename it to “saved search” (it doesn’t need to say auto generated)

@Aayaam @Rebecca for next round please?

It shouldn’t have the word “search” in because then it will be doubled again. That would be fine if it was a separate e-mail template we could use, but the automated email that goes out to leads that saved their own search just has the name of the search, such as " Homes for sale in Scottsdale.

Right, I knew that (I knew what I meant even though totally unclear)

{date} - Your search {search_title} has some new listings! could say "{date} - Your search has some new listings!

Or something - the team gets it. I don’t think we need a separate template, we just need to consider that one name and maybe have a different default email for all saved searches. (and make it editable)

Let’s see what can be done - thanks for taking it seriously. But I’d really like to keep the lead-generated saved search words in so they remember what they actually searched for and it’s a good subject line for them to see and hopefully open the email.

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Noted, thanks Judy

Sure thing, I’ll take this request back to the team.