New Request Virtual Walkthrough now complete for Vision

Just need to work with @aayaam to get it into the installer, but Vision Hybrid now has the new request a virtual walk through CTA, Toggle on contact form and subsequent CRM tracking

Good times! Update coming soon!


do you have/are working on an option to join a Virtual Open House tour that’s happening live via Zoom/FAcebook/Google…etc?

We’re looking into it :slight_smile:

Looks good Morgan! I have two Vision sites on the Dev servers. Do I need to do anything to add this or will you guys be pushing out an update?

Hi Brian,

Hope things are well for you. For non custom users, patching for the latest release will begin next week. I looked and it seems those sites do not seem have customization projects on the go for them, so they should get the updates. It’s those ones for St. Louis and Summerlin, NV? If for some reason the sites have custom and aren’t getting the automated patch then we’ll have a custom option available to patch to the latest.


I like the change to have two information tabs on our listings. However, we are seeing 2 “I would like more information” tabs, but if you refresh a couple times the “Video Tour from Home” tab will replace one of them. Looks to be a bit of a glitch. How do we get that to appear right away?

Hi Rory,

Best I can tell this is being caused by some 3rd party code you had added to the site from
It looks like their code is targeting those elements and changing them after the page loads. So perhaps you could contact smedia to see can make their code target the elements better so it doesn’t change the website in that way. They have alot of javascript there so I don’t see exactly where they are doing it, but they are likely targeting elements with a class of “button” to change.

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Just to follow up on this. I located where they are changing it if that helps them resolve this challenge for you.

The code appears to be in this file:

We could have someone remove the smedia code for you, but I think it’s doing some tracking for you so I didn’t want to just remove it

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