New REW Design: Community Pages, Details and blogs

Tomorrow morning I am having a follow-up meeting with @rchohan to discuss enhancing the community pages, details pages, and blogs. (and likely registration as well)

I would love to hear from you in this thread what your favorite sites or features are, who is doing a great job and why? Also, any ideas you have for the next version of REW’s platform.

So how about it? Who has done a great community, details page or blog and why?


I am adding a page for My Favorite Places /People

Coffee shops
Small at home businesses

The little people who I know in the community that need a boost

Like a directory with a contact to their website. An option to add a video placeholder later on


I’ve done pages for “local attractions” in an effort to gain SEO ranking… below are some examples for popular local parks. Then I add an IDX with home nearby…

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I love how high res and clean your pictures are on these pages. Thanks for sharing.