New Seller Page For Renaissance by

Amy and I have been working on a new design for a seller page/section for the new #renaissance website.

Here are the mockups, would love to hear what you think and how you might improve them. *Main form inspired by (owned by REW) and side by side put in there as a placeholder, similar was referenced on

We’re proposing a 2 step process: Make it easy for them to commit with just their address and email, but then when they hit submit, it asks for more information



@Deethu we should make sure we update the req’s on this to include the additional fields and graphics from the mockup :slight_smile: We should try to push this by Feb to new installs.

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Noted Morgan, thank you.

Hey Morgan! This page looks killer, is there any word on whether they’re live for new installs?

I think the first version was pushed in a recent update - But @AmyPye and I have some updates to do for V2.


Where would I find this in the backend?

It’s on any page under the templates section, but I would wait for V2, since it’s design is approved and we’re working on it for the next release. @AmyPye can you post new mockups? @Aayaam can you share an ETA?

Here is where you find it Gloria

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You bet.


That looks great!


Thanks @Bofficer! It’s being built as we speak (er, write). Super excited!


Hello! I can confirm we are targetting April/May 2021 timeline


Do you have an option to use Facebook/Gmail address, it would be nice to use that data if they are logged in already.

This would also be great instead of “home assessment” to copy the page and label it as “free-property profile” that way you get another lead for down the road.

Hey REW team, has this been deployed? Is there a road map of what has been launched recently and what’s coming down the pipeline?

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I am quite sure this was deployed @Aayaam can you confirm? We’ll work on getting you the full list of updates.

Also - July release notes coming soon (they just finished that update) and there is some cool stuff! But here’s a short list of some of the updates (fixes, small updates etc removed to shorter list)

  • Renaissance
  • March:
    • Added H1 headline in blogs
    • Snippets can be used in the blog
    • Listing detail modification in Renaissance
    • Adding collapsible sidebar to Renaissance
    • IDX snippet search bar to have more dropdown options
    • View Gallery - Photo Gallery to start with the fifth photo in the list
    • Added alt text to the single blog post image within content
    • Minor changes to alt text in IDX Details Agent Image
    • Adding Alt text to Featured Community Image
    • Minor changes to the Alt text in homepage Hero Image
    • Reduced the margin and font size for Renaissance on smaller screens.
    • Updated user flow for seller template
    • Reduced the margin and font size for Renaissance on smaller screens
    • Add agent website to the agent details header
    • Improvements in the Show All offices in the Other Office Location
    • Community images maintain a specific aspect ratio whether content exists or not
    • Limit hero images width to 2560px
    • Fixed the vertical alignment of menu in header navigation
    • Featured community link should be clickable with template change
    • Created a text overlay in CMS pages with a hero image
    • Removed the logo size restriction on sites
  • April/May:
    • New Seller page template option
    • Added the YouTube icon to the footer in Renaissance
    • Mortgage calculator default settings now configurable for clients
    • Listing detail pagination enhanced (Previous & Next CTAs)
    • Added a side-side CTA for the home assessment form
    • Quicksearch is configurable to load as buy/rent/sell, rent and sell can be globally disabled by clients
    • Fixed the issue of Listing photos appearing blurry in hybrid searches and IDX snippets
    • Fixed the issue of featured community images resizing after uploading
    • Added three column style class that clients can use in the site navigation dropdowns
    • Added About and Features header to the listing details page (standardized these options for the listing details page)
  • June:
    • Home assessment form would now populate CMA tool if CMA is enabled for the user
    • Added canonical links to avoid duplicate urls and improve SEO
    • Added new form letters and categories to Renaissance users
    • Viewing a saved search will not limit the bounds if there is no map bounds saved
    • Days on Website to display as a Min/Max range dropdown
    • The preferred method text option on register page would now display if twilio is enabled
    • Pages would now anchor to the right section in real estate statistics
    • Added seller page to default install data
  • July:
    • Created a module snippet that the users can put on a page to feature the newest blogs
    • Added new form letters for Renaissance users
    • Phone number feature made visible on mobile and tablets
    • Updated the social media links in the website to open in a new tab when clicked
    • Added new WPO improvements
    • Multiple ADA adjustments in Renaissance
    • Updated and the header tags on the blog cards
    • Added disclaimer (compliance verbiage) under community statistics and the full module Mortgage Calculator
  • CRM
  • March:
    • DBC emails for specific date now includes “repeat every year” option
    • Ability to perform actions (call, text, email) within contact history modal
    • Ability to manually log texts message in REW CRM (without REWText)
    • Add “My listings my leads” as admin control in settings
    • Re-enabling Gmail integration must refresh access token
    • Link to lead details for action plan tasks in what’s next sidebar
    • Display the additional instructions for action plan tasks
    • Add auto-focus when replying/sending lead messages
    • Move enable/disable toggle to top of conversion tracking
    • Campaign emails to include view/edit of custom sender details
    • Campaign emails will auto-fill custom sender when available
    • Campaign email at bottom of list is now expanded by default
    • Add placeholder text & background colour to text area inputs in CRM
    • Remove blog restriction for display of IDX snippet title
    • IDX Feed Settings
  • April/May:
    • Action plans tasks with “day 0” was changed to start right away
    • A green dot (Online Now feature) is displayed for all the online CRM leads
    • Updated the sub-type dropdown to multiselect for IDX searches
    • Updated the CRM search modal to handle checklist values with commas
    • The system now allows filter by Agent if given permission to view Agents
    • Removed the “Maximum height” text from the logo uploader
    • Increased the limit across the CMS to display 100 results per page
    • Clicking on “snippets used”in CMS now opens the link in a new tab
  • June:
    • Ability to Delete a CMS page from that page
    • Added new agent permissions to the new installs
    • Changed the Graph API version for Facebook Social Connect
    • Canadian feeds to show Postal (not Zipcode) on Listing details page
    • Updated saved searches list in CRM to reflect criteria after saved
    • Updated the blogs to open the ‘Snippets used’ link in a new tab

Yes it has been - you can view it here: Home Seller


Thank you!!

Just wanted to give you a heads up - My site had this too and noticed yours did, not sure if its for everyone but may want to check out. See screenshot.


@shazmin can you have richard fix this default content in the installer :slight_smile: Great catch Cody

Absolutely and will provide an update once completed.

Thank you Morgan,


Hi all, there are links in that snippet that seem to be only anchored to the top of the page. Is there another help page around the seller page snippet?