New virtual showing option, a new feature for COVID 19

Shout out to Gary Ashton and some others who sent us notes that Redfin, and several folks that have copied them, are starting to add a CTA or toggle for “Virtual Showings” given the recent social distancing protocol.

I’ve got a quick mockup here for vision details, and before we implement, I’d just like to get some quick feedback from customers, do you see any concern with adding this button to your sites? Is it something we should add to all vision sites? Or would you prefer to opt in to have it added?

Please let me know your feedback so that we can implement it appropriately.

Appreciate your input


We’d also add something like this to the request a showing form as well - thoughts?


I was just thinking about this today. Whether a new or old site the only way to add a virus tour link is a custom order or some sites have it baked in already?

To answer your question- My only concern is if some sneaky agent sneak in a branded virtual tour.

Mike, for clarity, this is NOT an offer to provide them a link to the listing agents virtual tour, this is an offer to provide / arrange their own private tour (via facetime, Google Hangouts whatever)

So what it does is send the agent that gets the lead the request: “Hey this lead wants to see the property, but they want to see it virtually” and then it’s up to the agent to accommodate from there.

It has nothing to do with third party agents, or their content or tours.


I like that option

only have ur virtual tours on listings

Well sure if it’s your listings, then you can short cut it by just sending them your virtual tours (And those should be linked anyways) not sure I agree for forced registration though that you should not provide access to virtual tours as it’s good for the consumer - but definitely we need to make sure if there is a link out, they open in an iframe, or modal or something.

Looks great, push is out asap. Does this mean I don’t have to pay for it to be customized?

Yes, we need this for sure. Thoughts on adding a “make offer” button as well?

We have the ability to somewhat mass patch non customized sites, however I think you have a lot of customizations so I would not even recommend trying that, instead it’s best if you have your retainer team implement the change to ensure none of your custom work gets affected. The design work we do here and any code we do is yours, and it’s free. It’s just custom sites need a bit more love and that does generally mean a billable hour here or there to make sure we don’t mess anything up. Happy to answer any other questions you have

“Virtual Tour” seems like a good CTA, not sure why you’d need the words “from home”. Cannot hurt to add asap. Will Discover sites get the update too or just Vision sites?

Virtual Tour has the context of a pre-recorded tour, what we’re proposing here is a personal real time tour. A video tour (or whatever we call it) is different. Maybe “private video tour” “personalized video tour”

From home is for right now (because everyone is home right now) I think I’ll keep that.

I’m doing the mockups for Vision, but I’ll look at Discover after

I think saying “Video Tour From Home” might encourage bored people to say “Sure what the heck!” and send our agents on wild goose chases doing video tours. Maybe something more like “Schedule a COVID-19 Safe Tour” might be better, like the screen shot I’ve attached off a real estate site I saw this morning. That seems to infer a little more commitment is needed from the lead.

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I hear you, but you are still calling and pre-qualifying these people (at least somewhat) so it’s not like you’re going to drive out there without verifying their level of intent first, right?

To extend to the ideas above, one could also post scheduling of social networking live events of virtual tour listings, on the property details pages in a similar way. Emailing signed up users beforehand so they don’t miss it, and for lead followup.

Example of ‘social networking live events’:


Definitely doing a pre-qual on them. I’m sure it’s just splitting hairs on the wording… it’s still a good idea to add some type of CTA that references safe tours or video tours no matter how you word it. At this point whatever makes it happen fastest is probably the best way to go.

Great idea Anthony!

Another idea is to just have the text be editable by the customer, then you can put whatever you want in there :slight_smile: (would have to limit the characters)

That is a great idea, we would be happy to see that CTA feature on our site.

What is your site Anmol?