Notifying agent

Is there any way to make a note that is sharable to an agent, or even make an event notify an agent. eg. mark this lead just called me please reach out and connect at X time. I have found this very handy on my other sites enabling for communication to be had within lead that is tracked. We use it very often for when an agent wants to remove a lead from being assigned to them.

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This would be extremely helpful with our team as well.

This is possible now in Renaissance via action plans unless I am not understanding what you/OP is asking for.

In the Renaissance platform you’re able to use the CRM differently than the other REW CRM’s? I have the Discover and I was told that if I upgraded to the REW CRM that it would include all future upgrades (backend not front end obviously) so if this is the case I need to have someone reach out and upgrade my CRM please.

Hello Brian, Discover has been deprecated for a while now, as such it no longer qualifies for CRM upgrades. (your install is over 1,000 days old, and the framework is much older than that).

Instead of doing a CRM upgrade, I’d recommend you move to Renaissance. @Alex can hook you up with no setup fee, + you’re qualified for pretty significant renewal credit, and so we should be able to redo (and improve) on past customizations (and several of them you did in the past you won’t need on the new system).

Should I have him reach out to discuss?