Outsource Help hiring editing site

Does anyone have a company I can hire on hourly basis to do few outsource hours a month to my realestate webmasters fredrick website?

You can hire REW for that :slight_smile: If it’s content uploads etc, you can actually hire our CSM team, and they are 50% the cost of regular pro serve ($100 an hour) but of course as they are the true experts in the REW backend, they are more than twice as fast as any third party, so it’s more like you’re paying $50.

Let us know if you want to chat about it and what kind of work they need to do.

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This is good to know because everytime I asked support they kept telling me they dont do it and sent me links to “how to” articles on help pages to do changes myself. I need help to do it. Which department and # contact should I ask for?

@Robbiejohal I’ll call you tomorrow!

Thanks! 604-825-3079

Yea, I hate it when they send me the “how to” steps. I don’t know how to do it and don’t have the time.