Personalized sharing of listings

I wouldn’t be surprised if this feature already exists.


My agents no longer have agent subdomains. So although that helped us a lot in the long run with complaints, resourcing, ranking cannibalization,…etc. they are looking for a way to share a listing (that is not theirs) from our website to their clients easily.

They don’t want to require people to log in (they think we steal their leads) and they want the process to be “easy”.

Right now our programmer had something set up where if you append a link like this:

with “

You’ll see that the agent featured on the listing has changed. Some agents are cool with this because they literally just memorize four characters and already know their name.

But a majority of our techadverse agents have trouble with this and can’t go beyond tapping the “share” button on the listing page.

Any ideas?

I know some competitive brokerages force a registration and “assign” it to an agent. I’m open to discussing that avenue further, but will need a closer look at that user journey with the way we operate our lead routing.


You could have the programmer modify the Share Popup to be aware that your agent is signed in and looking at a property and provide a custom link only they see (since they are authenticated / cookied in the backend). When they copy the link it will already contain their approropriate ?ra=code.


In Renaissance, you can avoid forced reg completely by appending?=noreg to any URL (so there is that feature) but one thing you might consider (when we upgrade you) is giving them a button on the new edit bar.

Really the edit bar is more for admins, but we could make it available for agents (this would be custom) whereby we added an "copy personalized link: right in the new edit bar. (They still can’t edit)

Most folks probably don’t know what I’m talking about, so here is a screen

It’s a feature we snuck into the latest release whereby you can navigate your site on the front end, and any page that is editable you can have a quick button/link to end the page instead of having to go find it in the backend.

The idea is we can expand on this with other features later as well (it only shows when you’re logged in)

Right now it’s most helpful for sites that have a LOT of pages and you want to get to a page quickly when someone links you to it on the front end.