Possible to integrate GreatSchools.org score into search?

In California we have school districts that have high-scoring schools near those with low scores. Many buyers use www.GreatSchools.org to judge a school’s strength (which I know has flaws).

Is there any way to integrate GreatSchools.org’s scores into our search?

i.e. $2m or less in Costa Mesa, CA with GreatSchools.org score of 7 or higher

Thank you very much,

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This and walkscore would be great.

Hello Matthew,
Thank you for your question. Yes, it is possible to integrate GreatSchools.org’s scores and walk scores into our search. As it is something that needs to be discussed in detail, it is best to reach out to your account manager who can further assist you in bringing this idea to life.

Manveen Singh
Implementation Specialist

Yup, we’ve worked with them many times. You can do a more customized integration (speak to your AM) or you also may be able to embed their widgets via snippet on community pages

If you wanted it on the details pages, it would need programming as those are dynamic pages, and it’s best to also speak to your board to ensure you’re allowed to display that data alongside MLS data.