Possible to use new CRM now?

Is it possible to use the new CRM without migrating to Sagittarius yet? The CRM looks ready to use, I have agents looking for the best of both worlds between Salesforce and Cloze with respect to notifications/reminders and reporting and I think this might be it.

Great question! @Morgan just sent an email this morning regarding the new CRM. Here is part of the message:

"I personally have been testing this new Gmail feature on our personal real estate website for the past 6 months and it is rock solid!

That being said, we’re taking extra care to ensure that full end to end testing and security review is done before we release it to our customers. We do expect this feature to be released in beta to a larger group of testing customers inside of the next 60 days.

Once testing with beta customers is complete we can release final details on full release as well as any pricing or other information that may accompany this feature. "

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Hello SJ,

The new REW CRM is most certainly available and in use (has been for a long time) by REW customers. The updates you have been getting from R & D are just a few specific new features that are coming out soon.

Smart Lists: I’d say will be ready to install in the next 30 days or so
Gmail integration: Within 60 days for beta.

REW CRM is upgradable on Vision, Discover and will be available on Sagittarius when it comes out (these updates that are CRM specific have nothing to do with Sagittarius, that is a front end design.

That being said, your site at www.danielgale.com is only an older deprecated framework (version 4.6) as such it cannot be upgraded to REW CRM, you would need to install a new framework (such as Vision) in order to get the new CRM.

Because of your customizations and the fact that you are one of the first 3 in line for Sagittarius, I would not recommend doing anything right now, but rather ensure you work with your PM to start your Sagittarius project right now to get ahead of the installs.

Things we can do for your Sagittarius project now using your retainer:

Full review of previous customizations (what you love, what you don’t need any more etc) and start planning how those will be integrated with Sagittarius

Any net new features you are going to want to develop (we can create user stories and start planning resources for those)

Custom design changes: We know you’re going to want these, and we also already 100% know what Sagitarrius looks like, so we can already start doing all your mockups right now (you don’t have to wait for it to come out) similar to what I’m doing in the Carly thread.

If you’re ready to rock, we have lots of design resources and PM ready and available for you. Let me know if you want to do a catch up call.

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Thanks Morgan, I’d love to touch base and see what we can do to start. Is it a separate PM from the one we already have? Because she has a list of the changes we want, the more technical ones, not the cosmetic ones.

I have a few agents that are fed up with Cloze and Salesforce, I’m trying to get a list of pain points to sort of see if we can provide a solution for them, but the one thing that constantly comes up is that although a reminder notification is nice to follow up, they would really love to automate emails for birthdays and anniversaries. Is that possible?

Funny you should ask: that is literally next up on our UI improvements list: Approved mockups below :slight_smile:

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