Preparing for COVID-19/Coronavirus recovery

Our local real estate board (BCREA) just released their predictions for the markets in the coming year, which seem on par for many of the market reports I have been reading.

Covered by CTV News, the BCREA is predicting a “robust recovery next year…”[w]e should see a vigorous rebound like we’ve seen following past recessions."

In their report, they are expecting that once the “physical distancing measures are lifted, the pent-up demand will translate to a ‘significant recovery in home sales and prices’.”

As a marketer, I love reading this kind of information, because it gives you time to plan for an unequalled consumer season. While we take this with a grain of salt (because we still really don’t know how this virus will behave), this gives an opportunity to really zero in on some long-term planning, lead nurturing, and messaging.

What are your local boards saying right now, and are you preparing for when the pent-up demand is unleashed?

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