Property Dashboard for Client Retention

I have been thinking of saved searches and favorite properties from our site and where that content lives. It got me wondering if we could create a dashboard where the searches and favorites could live but could also be a resource for ongoing property valuation and enhancement to aid in client retention. Attached is a wireframe of the basic idea.


Hey Kevin, you are speaking our language! This is actually one of the directions we will be going with our new “Watch List” product. Probably should ping @Aayaam so make sure he’s subscribed to this thread.

The goal with Watch List is to provide a very high-value CMA of properties (generally your own, but also if you want to watch other properties as well) and also neighborhoods etc. @Jeff has been very helpful in adding value to the search side and will be interested in this as well.

What we have so far is an on-demand CMA (front end) as well as the ability to email daily, weekly, monthly updates on potential value increases or decreases.

I love the idea of expanding this further in a “my properties” section of Watch List and allow users (similar to apps like homebot) to enrich the data of their properties (how much equity, their current mortgage payments, interest rates etc) as well as track additional upgrades (like you have added in your wireframe)

We should get you early access (You’re with DanielGale enterprise team right?) I think you have some great ideas :slight_smile:

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Thank you @KevinH for sharing your thought process! I love the wireframe (especially the value enhancements idea). Your ideas align well with Morgan’s overall vision.
I will keep tracking this thread and will also put you on our early adopter list. Great call, Morgan!

Hi @Morgan and @Aayaam,

Yes, I am over here at Daniel Gale with @sjyun. Thanks for the feedback. I have been working on the idea for a bit now glad to see there is something like it in the works. I just dislike the idea of trying to get leads from scratch every time, which I highly doubt is a unique sentiment lol.

I was also thinking of being able to add a rental property that you are renting so that you can compare rent and mortgage payments to pique interest.

Could we integrate other brokerage sites, not specific IDXs. So the other SIR brokerages could join the dashboard without having to get a REW backend and site. It would be a great way for relocation and vacation homes.

With the value enhancements we have a company we work with called Zoom Casa which would be able to take these on right from the dashboard. I think other partnerships could be possible where Zoom Casa doesn’t offer the service. Mainly green tech like solar, geothermal offering energy saving calculators like energy sage or project sunroof.

I would love to check out any early concepts if you are willing, thanks.


Anything is possible Kevin, but we would need to bifurcate the conversation. As soon as you say “so they don’t have to have a REW site” the answer is likely, yes, but that isn’t an R & D conversation, you would need to speak to your retainer team since we only invest R & D resources or add things to the product if they are specifically “for” REW products and customers.

Anything outside that falls to your own custom budget (but sounds possible)

A better idea though, get all SIR brokerages as customer of REW, then we can do a collaborative project and one broker isn’t footing the bill! :smiley:

By what I mean, “so they don’t have to have a REW site” is that it would be a separate app that would any brokerage could use but having a REW backend and site would supercharge it. This way more listings would be available to track not just REW site(s) listings. With the integration of the app and site you would be able to get more info. I understand the need to split the conversation if it went in that direction. Just brainstorming haha.

I’ll see what I can do lol.

We can track all listings, not just the brokerage listings. IDX and CMS lets us do that :slight_smile:

So I don’t think what you’re saying is needed. We already have all the listings

Would we be able to add a chat feature for easy correspondence with clients. Maybe even integrate a ticketing system to assign and alert agents or assistants?

You can embed chat now (you just need to pick one that supports embed which is basically all of them) but there is also (already) a built in messaging system between agent and client dashboard