Question on text module

I create my text campaigns on a different platform because it allows me to not only send by however many days after the next one I sent, but it also allows me to choose the exact time of day to send it. It also allows me to specify that no texts go out before 9:00 am & after 9 pm.

I think the text module allows to choose amount of days, but does it allow specific time of day?

When using action plans to automate texting, yes you can set by the day and also the time of day.

You can also make it conditional on another task being performed/logged before the system will consider whether to send a text or not (such as a logged call or an email sent)

Finally (and I’m not sure if this is out yet or coming out in the next release < but I’ve seen it)

You can also have it so that action plans or campaigns are paused once there is a reply to either an email or a text. @Rebecca can you confirm if this is out and if not, when it’s scheduled?


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As a follow up, you can also set the campaigns to only run on certain days (so you could exclude weekends if you wanted to)

Like so :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick reply Morgan!

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My pleasure! Happy Easter!

PS - I think texting is free for x months on the promo. Might want to talk to your AM about it (could probably get rid of that third party software and it’s cost) :slight_smile:

Can you make it so it will reply as soon as someone registers - an auto-responder text?

I think auto responders are email only, but I could be wrong. Going to have to ping someone on that.

@REW.Michael @Rebecca @MattPinneo do any of you know?

Nevermind, I was wrong - you CAN have an auto responder via text (it’s just in a weird spot, under > CRM > Tools (we should move it)

So yes, yes you can have a text auto responder :slight_smile:

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Cool, thanks!

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Yes I can confirm this feature is included in our next release, so should be available very soon! Aiming to have this out this week.

Amazing, thanks, Rebecca! (for those reading, the specific feature she is referring to is the ability to stop/pause action plans and campaigns based on text responses (if texting module) and email replies (if Gmail integration)


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