Quicksearch and Google Maps API

Have you thought about having Google Maps API pull Places and Buildings when using the Quicksearch?

It’s something we have done in the past, but the general consensus (since there is a cost to maps API) is that the feature was not worth the consumption-based cost.

Also it’s use case is not as broadly applicable as it would need to be in order to be productized (many places don’t have any appreciable “buildings” in this context to speak of, but of course in Chicagoland there are lots so far more applicable there.

As a follow on - what I would do instead (and I’d be willing to invest in this also < alongside a few interested clients) is build a really good “buildings” module whereby you could create a directory (database driven) of buildings, floor plans, tie it to live IDX, sold data etc.

Then you could build “those buildings” (not relying on Google Maps API) directly into the quick search, or what I’d probably do instead is have a “buildings” tab and then quick search by building name or address.

Could be very cool.

Hi Morgan - I would definitely be interested in exploring a “Buildings Module” and I’m sure there are quite a few folks in LA, Seattle, Miami, etc. that would be interested as well.

With that said I do see a market for the option to use GMaps API (buildings/Places). With the market being ultra-competitive and the consumer expecting the latest technology, I definitely see a demand for it. As for costs, I did some digging and it looks like it is somewhere around (7.00 - 30.00 USD per 1000), which I think is reasonable if you are a brokerage that has the bandwidth to handle it (you would have a better handle on the costs) The site is World Class, it’s fast and good looking, I think this would take it to the next level. I have already contacted Jason to see if this is something I can do as a custom project but thought I would throw it out there.

You certainly can as a custom project :slight_smile:

As for demand (just like you have here) customers do tell us often what they want to see. We do take note of those things (track them) and many of them become future product enhancements. This happens when there is enough critical mass (a lot of requests) an example would be the dialer.

I will say, however, this specific request is not high on the requests list (we have only ever had a few requests for it) so it’s not likely going to be a product enhancement in the future. I think most folks mainly shy away from it due to the increased consumption costs on maps. I hear you on your tolerance for incremental maps costs, but many just don’t want that.

So definitely custom (for the maps thing) is the way to go.

Building module? Absolutely we should be coding that (I’m a +1 myself on it and like I said I’d invest in it personally for www.carlycarey.com