Re-assigning leads when an agent leaves

What are the best practices you are using when re-assigning leads when an agent gets out of the business?

Do you send them to a dummy account and then dole out from there? Send to a Main account for the brokerage? Send to Broker/Team leader?

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Great question! I’d love to know best practice recommendation!

I agree, great question! I know that when deleting an agent from the REW CRM it allows re-assigning the leads (also updating lead status), however am also curious around how most folks handle this when an agent leaves.

Well… I have a WORST practice! Do NOT set up a dummy account named Test Clown and have a picture of a clown. This is what the customer will see if they were set up on a search :see_no_evil: :scream: :clown_face:
Gotta love me for trying to figure it out!