Reaching out to real estate prospects during COVID 19

Probably one of the more important communication topics to discuss during the Corona / Covid-19 crisis is that of outreach.

On the one hand, we know we need to reach out. It is what allows us to stay top of mind, show that we have empathy for our clients (and that we care) and allows us to ensure our prospects know that if they do have a real estate question, that it can be answered and that transactions are happening, just in a different way.

On the other hand: We don’t want to come across as aggressive, to sales focused or tone-deaf. We know people are stressed, and of those that may need to speak to a Realtor, might need to do so because of sensitive circumstances: Financial pressure or business failure, divorce, or worse a recent COVID-19 death.

I think we can all agree, that doing nothing is not the way. We are all running real estate businesses and for most, that means your livelihood depends on either doing business right now or making sure you have business prepared for when the recovery starts and/or lockdown is removed in your area.

So my question is: What is your strategy for outreach when it comes to the quarantine period?

  • List item What is your intro email? How was it received?

  • List item Are you creating a drip for everyone or groups? (if so how are your groups organized)

  • List item Are you phoning, texting, emailing, sending video? A combo of all 4? (if so, what are your triggers for the combo.

I’d love to hear from you on what has worked, or what hasn’t (that is equally important) or if you have not started yet, what are your blockers and how can we help?

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