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This group is specifically for “agents”, if you are a “team” or a “broker” we have groups specifically for you as well. All team and broker posters are also agents, so it is fine for you to post here as well.

No vendors please

Clients of mine (when they lived in Madison WI) just found their dream home (a $1.2m property in Carlsbad CA) and want to make an offer tomorrow! The wife attended the open house & her husband wants to see at tomorrow at 12pm noon (the wife says he will love it, i know their style & from the pictures I can tell it’s totally them). One catch: offers are due tomorrow!! And there is currently one offer on the table already. Please call/text Jolenta Averill urgently at (608) 628-9701 if you can help them out. Asking 30% referral fee for a 1 year referral agreement (hopefully will be a 1 day referral experience). Thanks! :grinning:

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Thank you Morgan for reconnecting me with Dan Beer of The Beer Home Team in San Diego. I was having a senior moment not remembering our buddy Dan!

My pleasure! Hope it gets worked out

Individual agents: what do you do to stay motivated to call and keep in touch with your incoming leads?

I find once I start getting a few listings I don’t focus as much on lead gen. Then once my deals close, I’m back to lead gen and I sort of feel like I’m starting from scratch all over again.

I’ve tried to time block and that works well until I get distracted with active deals.