Realtors: What are you doing for the planet?

One of the big things that we have chosen to focus on at REW for this new decade is the “Planet” side of the triple P equation (PPP) People, Planet, Profits.

To start with this is where I am going.

#1: Learn as much as I can (but do it quickly) so that I can make good choices with my time, money and influence to have the greatest impact. This means reading, reading, reading but also consulting with experts like Brad from the Carbon Farmer, who we had out to REW Campus last month.

#2: Offset myself and my family. My first commitment of the year is to 100% offset the Carbon Footprint of my family. Not just going forward, but for our entire lives. Now I’m not going to pretend I’m environmentalist, I’m not, that would be hypocritical (I fly everywhere, have a boat etc). But what I can do is be responsible for my emissions and offset them by planting trees, and purchasing carbon offset credits.

#3: Make Real Estate Webmasters 100% Carbon Neutral. This means calculating the Carbon Output of all of our facilities as well as all of our travel. My commitment is by the end of 2020, we will have made investments (planting trees, wind energy, solar, carbon offset credits etc) that will completely offset our go forward carbon output.

#4: Environmental Friendly Marketing: Come up with a plan that rewards customers for being customers by including them in this program. Certain milestones (referrals, 5 star reviews, dollars spent etc) will result in our purchasing / providing environmental benefits in their name or on their behalf. They can then use these benefits in their marketing showing that they are involved in helping to save the environment.

So my question: (My challenge to you) is what will YOU do this year and this decade. What will you commit to, in order to help save our planet?

I’ll go first. You know what we’re doing this year.
My commitment for the decade: 1 Million Trees planted (and we’re talking gold standard, 85% survivorship projects, no BS greenwashing)

What will YOU commit to?

Let’s get this conversation started!

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I have recently stopped using all plastic bags, and other plastics for shopping and storage. I do recycle too but not much more. Love this info on what you’re thinking through.

I love this idea. I wonder if I could challenge my brokerage to be more environmentally aware! An easy way for me to contribute is to have a few no meat days a week.

I am also very excited to be apart of REW’s goal of being 100% Carbon Neutral.