Redesigning content management system. Your feedback is welcome

Recently we got some great (and timely) feedback from @JustinHavre and @Garyashton about page management (how to find pages, edit them, delete them etc).

They have an interesting challenge which is somewhat rare, but not unique in that they have hundreds of pages and sub-pages for each area. This presents some very annoying issues when trying to find those pages when many of them have similar terms in the title etc.

It’s also timely because REW is currently undergoing a prototype and complete redesign of the CMS. Now that the CRM team is crushing it with new features, we are seeing a lot of really great momentum it’s time to do the same with the CMS.

I’ve included some example screenshots showing a more clean and organized CMS, however it is VERY early stage (this is likely a year-long rebuild as we’re redoing everything) so it’s important we don’t get too attached to those mockups :slight_smile:

But we have both long-term goals and short-term needs, so I want to get some feedback on the “short term” because those things you’ll obviously want in the long-term solution as well.

Here is approved feedback already on my list:

  • Can only delete pages from the page navigation (not the page itself) - Solution, add delete button to page itself
  • Blog post titles are used as filenames for blog restricting naming flexibility Solution provide separate field for “file name” on blog posts.
  • search results for pages limited to too few results Solution increase to 100 results per page
  • Pagination is “next / previous” meaning for large listings you must click one page at a time. Solution implement more complex pagination with 1,2,3,4,5…last etc
  • cannot easily find sub-pages of main pages on large site Solution provide “sub pages drill down” as per previous 4.x to refine results to just sub pages.
  • New feature if logged into the /backend visit any page on your website and click a link in the footer to “edit this page” and be taken straight to the backend to edit that page (same with blogs)

Those are just some of the “near term” solutions we already have in place, but if there are any other things driving you crazy about “finding” pages etc would love to hear it.

Looking forward to your feedback.

And yes “long term” we are switching to modular implementation where you can just choose a page template and “click to edit” that element. :slight_smile:

Example prototypes (subject to change, just meant to show a new more organized “clean” look)

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I would like the ability to search listings in the backend. I manually manage my own listings, no IDX. We usually handle 150 to 200 listings and it gets annoying going page to page to find them. I would think adding listing results to the current search bar would accomplish what I’m looking for.

This may be a separate topic, but could be added to the CMS:
I would like control over the terminology that the site adds to the pictures and address bar. Example is - This website is for sale! - my domain Resources and Information. In this, the words “listing” and “cms” are high value to search engines, but completely useless. If I could change either of those to the address, city or subdivision then I would have much higher ranking organic results.

One more - be able to sort pages and snippets by used and unused. It would allow easier cleanup of accumulated unused items and make it easier to slim down the information to what’s useful.

Another thought- I would like to designate the listing’s “open graph image”. It used to appear as the first image of the listing, but now it seems to be random. We use Whatsapp a lot and it would be really nice to share listings with the correct image.

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