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I think I have brought this up before in the past but I think it’s something that is very important that is still not receiving any enhancements. The registration pop up even though it takes up the entire screen on mobile does not show the E.Z. login abilities of Facebook, Gmail, etc. I think many people would use those if they could see them and the conversion rates would likely increase. I’m sure some people scroll down but I’m sure much more do not. Thoughts @Morgan ? Thanks


I agree it should all fit on the screen without scrolling.


I agree, above the scrool

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It makes sense. Great observation.

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Somehow late to the party on this one sorry folks.

I’ve made note of of this for us to implement / look at on Sagittarius. Honestly I agree that the “form” should fit on mobile, but it becomes harder when you have a bunch of social icons also on the form to fit everything. Does anyone have a good example of where they think this has been done well? (Screenshot please)

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Boomtown Has an interesting variation where they let you see a few you photos then overlay the whole page. What about only email and a few social connect then if they choose email you ask her name and number in a second screen? The beauty of that could be if they only do email make it still capture and deliver as a lead with only an email.

We just launched our next gen site last week. Our “form” fits, and does not require a scroll, however, our registration form does NOT include any social media logins.

I too, vote for the social media log in / thumbnail images to be at the TOP of the registration. Please include LinkedIn, if possible!

As far as design, could you create 3-4 thumbnail images side by side, across the top of the form?

It’s funny, I was personally working on your site this weekend with @Jeff and we made the call to “remove” the social icons as almost no one was using them.

Sounds like we might have to settle this “Icons” no “Icons” debate with a forum first! A Funk Off! :smiley:

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Well, then these two spouses were just openly busted on potentially disagreeing. :confounded::flushed::exploding_head:LOL

@Morgan What is the data around the different registration types? I completely understand, sometimes I think I like (or want) a feature… but what really matters is… what is the data?

Thank you very much for working on our site. We appreciate you and the Team so very much. This website launch is a big one for Jeff and I. We are grateful to be supported by the BEST.