Release of some exciting new features!

Hi Everyone,

Here are some of the exciting new features you can expect in the latest release. :smiley:

Lead routing rules
Admins now have the ability to set up and create rules that automatically assign new leads to agents. Login as a Admin and go to REW-CRM >> Settings >>Leads>> Routing to create and edit rules. Leads can be routed by city, subdivision, price, property type and zipcode.

Here is a video tutorial to help you understand this feature better.Lead Routing Rules | REW CRM.

Ability to associate a testimonial to an Agent

A very anticipated new feature, Admins can assign testimonials to Agents! New leads can now read great reviews on the Agents subdomain.

Go to REW-CRM >> Content >>Tools>> Testimonials and create a new testimonial, you will now be able to assign to the agent. To view the testimonial simply add the testimonial snippet to the agent’s subdomain.

Listing remarks on single property websites now have a WYSIWYG editor.
For enhanced listings you can now edit the content to change the format or add videos or images.

Route leads to agent based on agent query parameter
Admins can now use the Agent ID parameter on urls to route new leads to agents. Keep an eye on our future forum posts as we will be posting a tutorial video to show you what to do!

Big thanks to our REW rockstars :star: :star2: :star: @MattPinneo , @REW.Michael , @Phil , @Richard , @FernandoOrtiz, @Alex and @Mojolagbe for all their hard work and support!

We are here to support you during this transition and if you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you for sharing your incredible ideas and thoughts here!! Stay tuned to find out more about our upcoming features and videos! You can also connect with your Account Manager or Project Manager for updates.


This is fantastic @Rebecca! Thank you for sharing these updates!

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Very exciting. Thanks @Rebecca!

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Hi, how do I get these new features? They don’t seem to have been pushed to my CRM.

Hi - Please reach out to your Account Manager and they will review your site. Alternatively, I can be reached here: and can help if you don’t have your AM’s contact information. We can help you with next steps to get you on the latest CRM.

In regards to agent features, I have found something quite frustrating. Apparently an assigned agent is not authorized to see all email content from their own CRM access. Example, if I send a new lead an email introducing them to an assigned agent, then that email I sent, is not visible within the lead’s email history to the agent. See screen shots below from both my admin side and the agent side for an assigned lead.
Screen shot from admin side:

Screen shot from agent side where it states that the agent does not have permission to view all contact history.

With all the permissions we are able to give to an agent, could we get a toggle yes/no to allow full access to the lead’s email history? There are times when I might be corresponding with the lead, such as prior to assignment to the agent, or, while the agent is on vacation, as I may be handling that lead on behalf of the assigned agent. I had a situation on one lead where they contacted me directly about a search issue( that they wanted me personally to know about) and I corresponded with them and cc’d the agent so that she would know what was going on, however, those emails are not visible on the agent side and it specifically says the agent does not have permission.

Hi @kim.blanton thank you for bringing this to our attention! This is a great suggestion and I’ll speak to our team to get this added to our program of work.

Any idea what type of time frame that will be?

Not sure on the time frame just yet. I will speak to the team about the development work and get an estimate. I’ll make sure to let you know when I have an update.

Thank you!

There is actually a deeper issue that needs to be discovered in this conversation - “admin” is one thing, however leads do get transferred (quite often) from one agent to another. Being able to see all of the email communication from a prior agent to a contact or lead (at the agent level) is likely not going to fly, since it would be viewed as a violation of the previous agents privacy (and likely the lead would view it that way too, customers assume their conversation with an individual are private).

So we’d have to really consider what can be shared and not (for example allowing Admin to say “share my communications” is likely fine (since it’s the owner deciding).

A good topic nonetheless and it has been captured for the backlog. (ETA wise though Kim, it won’t be any time soon as we have a full schedule of releases already booked ahead of this suggestion and it still needs discovery).

@Morgan Morgan Thank you for this information. Always good to hear other sides of an issue. That is one I had not thought of as it does not apply to me specifically. It would be nice for the admin to be able to control this however. Looking forward to future updates. Thanks!