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Hello All,

I want to start by saying that we are a company that embraces options and customization in addition to the latest and greatest innovations. It is my understanding that the REW app has been discontinued and will no longer be supported by the App Store/ Google Playstore. In return the only work around is to the use the mobile website version to continue to navigate through our leads. My question is why is the app going away, why wouldn’t a new version or better innovative option be given to us instead of forcing a mobile website only option?

We have been testing the mobile web vs app and the the following will no longer be available:

  1. Number count ON THE APP ICON, not available on mobile site, of how many pending leads you will need to rely on email when a lead comes in
  2. Mobile website has all the same information, but you need to find it. (Definitely seems more difficult to use if you aren’t somewhat tech savvy)
    Mobile Website
  3. When using mobile website, the CRM customer information such as phone, number, email are at the very bottom of the page you need to scroll all the way down to see this information and sometimes takes a minute to load…
  4. Lead filters “TOGGLE SIDEBAR” must be “manually” hidden or else you wont be able to continue browsing your leads on the mobile website.
  5. When compared to the app there is a less visually appealing factor using the mobile website this includes, fonts, sizing and sometimes too many options in the mobile website as compared to the REW App.

Lastly, I want to notate these are not complaints only what we’ve uncovered in the several weeks we’ve been using the mobile website. Unfortunately we are an innovative company that loves options and will likely transition to Follow Up Boss if we can’t get used to the new mobile website mandate…


Agree the moblie website still needs A lot of work. All of my agents LOVE the REW moblie app.

I hope they can find a programing SOVLE soon.

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I had missed this announcement but definitely seems like a mistake.

Among the issues you’ve pointed out, my fear now is selling my team on the changes and still expecting them to use the CRM.


Don’t transition to FUB - Zillow just bought it. REW is now trying to change its CRM to make prior FUB users happy. Our MLS is phasing out Showing Time because Zillow bought that so we’ll have a new one. I tested it out and I’m happy with it.

Unfortunately we are being told the app is completely phasing out with no intention to rebuild a new one or create a solution to replace it.

Sadly with REW being a proprietary platform they don’t have many other CRM integrations so the choices are limited. Since their website and CRM are together we don’t have the option to move away, unless we partner with someone like Luxury Presence to build a new website then find one of the best CRMs like Compass

Hello all, thanks for sharing your concerns about us phasing out the mobile app for leads.

First, before getting into why we’re phasing out the app, let me share some exciting news with you.

The mobile experience (for web) is being completely overhauled so that it is not only on par with the app experience, it actually “exceeds” the app experience considerably.

Here is a screenshot:

Some highlights from the planned upgrade:

“Configurable details pages!” - we are planning a drag and drop manager in the backend to allow customers to literally decide what sections are most important to them, and prioritize those on mobile screens.

Push button everything - push to text, push to call from the dialer, push to chat etc

New “what’s next” visuals to access up coming tasks, action plan items and more.

There are so many exciting UI items planned and I really think you’re going to love them.

Now onto why we are shutting down the App

Adoption is very low: Less than 5% of our customer base uses the apps. We recognize that some customers are very passionate about the app and use it regularly (and we know we need to provide those people with an alternative) but overall the use/adoption is very low.

Feature parity: The pace at which REW is accelerating our CRM development is staggering. We launch new features every 2-3 months and in many cases, those features are quite significant. Having to “also” develop so same features (but in different ways) to accommodate both IOS and Android would add considerable cost (not your problem, we recognize this but it is a business reality) but also it would also cause significantly more time to develop and reduce our ability to release regular features. The alternative (which has been the case until now) the App stays stuck without receiving new updates and becomes less and less valuable over time.

Forced IOS updates: Apple specifically has gotten very strict on what IOS versions apps must support (And they now upgrade “often”) as such, it puts us in a place where if Apple decides to demand an update (or the app will stop working) we have to drop valuable R & D and put time/effort into upgrading the apps.

We are a few months out on this new release for mobile view, but rest assured, we’ve heard your feedback on what you love about the app, and what you need your mobile experience to do, and we are working hard to make your mobile web experience not only as good, but “better” than the apps of the past.

We look forward to your feedback once it is in Beta and by all means, keep sharing what you love most about the app and what you need in your next version of the CRM in order to make your workflow as strong as possible.

Wanted to address this specially - we certainly have a solution to replace it :slight_smile: (as you see above)

I’ll make sure our AM team does a better job letting clients know @MariaG let’s chat on this.

Sorry for any confusion Mark

Morgan, I appreciate the response, this will be a good alternative to replace the app, it makes sense to visually create a better version of the app but in mobile web. If only it could notify when pending leads # of leads on icon like the app does, then it would be a perfect integration/upgrade. I believe the most frustrating/laziness ease of use from our agents is the fact that they have to sign in each time, and check their email periodically, vs the app would alert you with a chime and they would receive notifications directly. Lastly the app would always staying logged in and now using the mobile web it won’t stay logged in and may get not lost within hundreds of pages in safari and/or chrome.

Love the app, my agents love it as well. Dito on what Mark said, the App is clean and simple that’s the key. My advice is don’t overload it with too many options. I would be happy to be put on the Beta test list.

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Great feedback team!

I hear you on notifications (and always logged in) - I wonder actually (this would be phase 2, but I’m going to ask the team about it) if we couldn’t create an “app” (far more simple) that provided things like push notifications and always had you logged int but when you actually click on things it takes you to the web version, already authenticated.

@REW.Michael @Rebecca can we discuss in PO connect?

As for keeping the UI simple and easy - heard loud and clear, please see the screen above. It’s designed to emulate the simplistic / easy nature of the current app.

Important stuff up front and clickable and then you can expand stuff as you see fit.


Glad to hear there will be an overhaul to the mobile website! When in 2024 can we expect this new release to be available? Thanks in advance