REW CRM- Action Plans

Hey everyone,

Keeping track of leads and ensuring timely follow-ups can be challenging without proper support. That’s where action plans come in handy. With REW CRM’s Action Plans feature, you can create customized task lists for each lead.

Here’s why integrating action plans into your workflow is a game-changer:

  • Efficiency: Action plans help you stay organized by providing a clear roadmap of tasks to complete for each lead. From scheduling calls to sending follow-up emails, you can easily manage your workload and prioritize tasks.
  • Automation: REW CRM’s action plans allows you to automate certain tasks, such as emailing and assigning/ removing leads from action plans.
  • Customize: Prepare tailored action plans for all types of leads. Whether it’s a new lead or a prospect you’re nurturing, you can add custom tasks that align with how you want to approach your leads.

If you want to learn more about the benefits or how to set up action plans in REW CRM, check our blog post! If you’re already using action plans, how’s your experience? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Can someone help me with this please?? This is where I drop the ball and lose money.

@zkhan as your account manager, I’m happy to help you get a system set up! I’ll call you!

Also, watch the video here: Lead follow up and action plans using REW CRM (actual video of team training by REW CEO)

I outline exactly the action plan we use at the Carly Carey Real Estate Team. It’s not complex, and the secret is diligence (actually sticking to the plan).