REW CRM Suggestions Fall 2019

TEXTING ACROSS COMPANY/TEAMS. One of our biggest issues is being able to text within the company. We do a labor intensive and inefficient user approach. This seems like an obvious tool capability. Thanks. George Alexander, SWPRE CFO. 713.918.9951.

OUTLOOK INTEGRATION. We applaud Google Mail integration. And while small independent brokerages probably have a lot of agents and brokers using free email clients, it is probable that many use Outlook or Exchange. With SWPRE, all email goes through SWPRE. This seems like an obvious tool capability. Thanks. George Alexander, SWPRE CFO. 713.918.9951.

Outlook is on the roadmap, however we chose Gmail first due to rising popularity, the fact that our largest enterprise clients use it, and it has far more benefits / features than outlook. But yes, Outlook is on the list :slight_smile:

I would love to Morgan, but for some reason I’m getting an error here when trying to upload a picture or insert a link. But basically, here’s how my implementation works.

  • A lead has a Saved Search created.
  • Every Friday at 2pm, system checks if there are any open houses that match the saved search.
  • If there are open houses, that lead will get an email with a list of open houses, date and time.
  • If this is the first time lead got this open house email, on the following Monday, they’ll get a follow up email asking if they got a chance to visit any open houses.

It’s a conversation starter. It brings people back to the website. Some people take years to buy a home and this is a great way to stay in front of them.

The idea is very simple, yet effective, because it’s a conversation starter. We face major competition from zillow, realtor, trulia, etc. We need to find a way to provide value to our leads. This is a great way in my opinion!

Hope you guys consider it.

Can you screenshot that error and send it to us and let us know what browser you’re using? @hatzopoulos can you look into this?

Two things I’m wondering about to help automate my CRM:

  1. When a new lead registers on my site, is it possible for the CRM to automatically assign the lead to a specific group and action plan?

  2. When a lead unsubscribes from my site, is it possible for the CRM to automatically assign the lead to a different group (“Unsubscribed” for example), deselect the current action plan and delete any other automatic forms of communication (Example: saved searches).

I find I’m spending a lot of time completing these simple yet time consuming tasks. Does the current CRM have the capability to do this and if not does the new one? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hello Brian,
On item #2, if a lead unsubscribes, you do not need to take them off of any automation, action plans etc, the system will stop sending them any kind of automated follow up.

#1: We do have automatic groups for certain actions (such as if they register via the app, or zillow) but it doesn’t allow you to custom configure those. As for assigning action plans, I don’t think you want this. If every lead (before verified as real) got an action plan, then your task box would get so full so fast with tasks for bogus leads it would overwhelm you and cause you to stop using that feature.

Besides, there is no one size fits all action plan (or there shouldn’t be if you’re doing it right) which means each lead should be scrubbed before you give yourself a ton of follow up tasks on it

Those are just my thoughts, but I’m happy to discuss.

Morgan, Is the integration with Google Mail or G Suite or both? We are going to change email service providers. If G Suite is offered as an integration, that tilts the scales to G Suite. Let me know. Best. George Alexander, SWPRE CFO. 713.918.9951.

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Morgan, in the CRM, specifically the CMA Module, it would be helpful if the system would capture and return the address that the lead inputs to get the value of their home - whether or not they end up signing up. With at least the address captured, we have a way of following up with them; Right now, unless they sign up, I have no way of knowing who is using the tool.

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I agree, we actually do this in our Guaranteed Sale product and have it on our roadmap to uncouple needing “email” as a primary key for CRM. We dont always have an email but that should not stop us from creating a record @lisamoore will capture this recommendation thanks

I recommend (highly) Gsuite either way SWPRE as there are a ton of collaborative benefits to it. REW uses Gsuite as an organization and highly recommends it.

We’re starting with email but the likelihood that we will expand if popular is high

I’ve captured this and will discuss with the group in our upcoming meeting. Thank you for the suggestion @philb!

In the CRM - Agent section, can we get a way to without having to delete the agent permanently but to remove them from the list. Mark them, as No longer an agent with the Brokerage. This would show only the agents that are working with the brokerage in the CRM, and the REW Leads apps. But still allow us to maintain the agents history with leads

  • The reason I ask became apparent after deleting several agents, I no longer see what agent did with specific leads in the lead history.

We’re not going to keep the agent (that is not very elegant) but we are working on ways to “archive” vs delete data, and also looking at how data transfers when leads are re-assigned or agents have left. @lisamoore will flag this for R & D discussions. Thanks for the feedback

I think a simple checkbox, this agent is active or not. if they are active means they are visible throughout the CRM. If they are not active, then they are not shown anywhere. But this does maintain the history of what this agent has done with the leads.

This is how I currently handle various aspects in the Property Management solution I wrote, for this company. That way, I see all history with tenant’s, notes, invoices etc.

Thanks for the great idea, we’ll add it to the list of suggestions for future consideration.

I have brought this up for about a year now and could really you some attention to the subject. We have many leads that come in for certain people on our main site so it is better to have shark tank “auto” turned off. We just take the leads from the inbox, and use the “Toss into shark tank option” The problem is the agents then DO NOT get notifications there are leads in the tank. This really is a concern. How about leads the broker has from being inputted etc. that they want to toss into the tank for someone to work as well? All that needs to be done is an update to send out an alert if a lead in tossed into the tank manually vs with the shark tank turned on to dump all leads into it. PLEEEEASE. I have been asking for over a year.

@Aayaam just a heads up, this is referring to the REW Leads App specifically.

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Thanks, my bad. I had it in the subject line for the post then realized there was a suggestion topic as well.

I have captured the recommendation to discuss with the team internally for R&D purposes. Thanks for the suggestion @a98cr125!

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