REW CRM Upgrade Promotion, get a free website and new CRM

This week I posted about the release dates for the new REW CRM as well as announced our September promotion and I received lots of questions in our various online groups, via email, PM etc that post is linked below.

I’m creating this thread to address any questions you have about the promo in a central place so that we can stay organized and everyone can benefit from the answers.

Here are some of the FAQ’s so far:

Q: I already have Vision or Discover and CRM, what will it cost me if I have not customized my backend.
A: Absolutely nothing, the upgrade to your CRM is free.

Q: When will I get my free upgrade?
A: Upgrades are happening in the first weeks of Oct

Q: I do not have vision or discover, can I get this upgrade?
A: This upgrade is only available for Vision, Discover or it comes standard with Hybrid Vision.

Q: How much does it cost to upgrade to Vision Hybrid or Discover
A: During this promotion if you are an existing customer you have 2 options.

Option #1: If you don’t want any custom work, you can get this site which is normally $5,000 for free, all you have to do is “rip and replace” your existing contract and start a new 36 month contract from the date of order at current retail which you are likely already paying)

Option #2: You can pay the $5,000 for the setup and with a rip and replace on 36 months we will give you $7,500 of professional services. This option should be selected by anyone who has at least $5,000 worth of professional services or SEO they want done as it’s basically an extra $2,500 in pro-serve for free.

Q: I have a vision and I want to upgrade to the Vision Hybrid
A: Again 2 options. You can use the mentioned “rip and replace” method above and your upgrade (excluding custom work) is completely free OR (and this is only in the use case of going from Vision to Vision Hybrid) you can pay for professional services time to just have your site manually upgraded at standard hourly rates. Our preference of course is to give it to you for free on a rip and replace.

Q: What if I have customized my backend.
A: As with all custom work, the impact of the upgrade will need to be considered. It’s best to reach out to your product consultant to see if there are any issues. If there are you may need a few hours assistance from pro-serve to get the upgrade.

Q: What are the current platforms?
A: The current platforms are Discover, Vision & Vision Hybrid.

Q: What if I’m on a deprecated platform?
A: We do not upgrade deprecated platforms as they are be definition no longer serviced. You must upgrade in order to access the new CRM, but again, we have made it free if you do not require custom work.

Q: What platforms are deprecated?
A: All website platforms that are “not” Vision, Discover or Vision Hybrid are officially deprecated. This includes all LEC’s, Barbara, Fredrik and any other platforms that pre date the Vision framework.

Q: Why are these platforms deprecated?
A: We strive to provide the MOST current user experience and also want to ensure that your website & CRM products are both safe and secure. We want customers to be able to benefit from the latest R & D and features of our product which are only accessible on modern frameworks and server configurations. As platforms age they begin to break as they were built in a time prior to today’s technology existing and often rely on deprecated or insecure technology (such as older versions of PHP as an example).

Q: Where can I find out more about the new CRM?
A: Right here, ask any questions you like, happy to answer.

Q: Is there a demo of Vision Hybrid
A: Yes, it will be updated in the coming weeks when it has completed regression testing. Please save this thread for more information.

Good morning! We current have a deprecated platform (from 2015!) and have chosen Option #1. Much of the information on the old site is outdated and I would like to make some changes if possible. Are any changes going to be considered custom work? I have a scheduled Customer Success call tomorrow, but wanted to get a little more info to be prepared. Thanks!

When you say “information” do you mean written copy / words on pages? You can change that yourself in the backend (and your CSM will show you how) completely free of charge.

Custom work is when you need a programmer or designer to do something for you. Changes to copy you can make in the CMS don’t cost anything.

Thanks so much for the quick response! I would like to change some of the written words, as well as some of the photos used throughout the website. It sounds like I can do some of this myself.

There are other features that I would like to clean up a bit, like the amount of drop down menus on the on the navigation bar, and some of the other links/layout of our home page. Would these kind of changes require a programmer? Looking forward to chatting with our CSM tomorrow!